Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st holiday in kl

Woohoo~ Mid sem holiday! time to relax! Too bad my frens all fong fei gei-GO BACK TO MIRI! So... This is my 1st holiday in kl without them.. Anyway, i still got other frens to spend time with... Won't die of boredom yet... XD

M.A.D.U group photo!

Whee~ Let me see... Saturday, the 1st day of my holiday i woke up at 5am in the morning... Insane? NOT! I signed up myself to be a volunteer at a sport day for under privileged children.. At 1st i was soooo damn free.. Can walk around without doing anything as the price giving haven't start. But after a few hours of freedom and boredom, work load start to increase TREMENDOUSLY.. Wow... Kiddies all come around to ask for their medals and we didn't even get the results yet... O.o Busy busy... Lots of work to do suddenly.. =P

Near end of the sport day, heavy rain start to fall.. And damn most of the students from Sunway that day, they slacked around and don't help much and they actually get marks for their moral studies by helping there... Or wad seem like "helping" DUH.. Poor Oscar and his partner... Have so much work to do while his college mates rest there... And what a bad job they did in the track race.. They didn't take the time properly, end up re-race have to be done.. So, we taylor volunteers stand in the rain to take time for the re-race... I look like some sort of insane or mad girl there shouting nonsense.. Well EVERYONE's shouting nonsense.. What "PURPLE PURPLE!" while there's no purple group, and people start to bully by stepping on my poor new white-but-now-muddy-brown sneakers T-T (Had a hard time scrubbing it after that) Well wadever la.. Like what Oscar say "IS FOR CHARITY" wahaha.. But i don't go charity to let peoply bully ler... Adui... After some hard times we finally can go back and have our late lunch... Starving n dripping with water... LOL..

Bath the melons!!

Cute kiddies! Hehe...
Kiddies kiddies...
Munching down our brunch.. Not bad oh Mr Yong!
Saving the environment! Damn you can't imagine how much rubbish could human being produce in just 1 morning!! No wonder Earth's dying la.. ><

Is that the end of my day? Nopee... I had a wind quintet to attend that night.. After a fast shower and rest i run out to ktm station again... >< style="color: rgb(255, 204, 204);">custom made clarinet, play with a plastic reed (which is the 1st time i know got this kind of reed) and hear my fav piece LIVE! Hehe...

Now.. Sunday... Another visit to a band.. Me and eric woke up early again (damn lazy n tired to leave my warm bed and cosy blanky), run to ktm station again after breakfast.. Haha.. We said we'll reach by 10am but because it's the 1st time we go to Sentul station we didn't realise it'll take this long time to reach... End up we only reach there by 1030am.. Sorry Karen's fren.. We didn't mean to let you wait >< That band's nice, play all pieces arranged by Nonami.. Adui i missed him so much... (@3@) Out of my expectation i actually see Song Yue there! O.o End up knowing they don't have enough clarinetist and actually would welcome me and eric to join them.. Er, no, sound like they already counted us in edi.. I just hope after i join them they won't complain the poor standard and flat tone of mine.. Damn nervous.. I hope i can get the clarinet from Song Yue earlier to practice some of the harder pieces 1st.. Don't wanna let them complain ler..

After ah mao (one of the organiser) dropped us at kl central we use ktm (again ==") to midvalley.. Excited bout the band, i went to seek for reeds but end up empty handed as they only sell rico reeds in the box.. I don't really wan rico reeds and i don't eat reeds i don't have to buy a whole box! Guess have to buy it later lor... Went back a lil early and shopped for some food in carrefour... Macaroni and cheese! Energy bars! Hehe.. Slept earlier this day... Finally~

And now... TODAY... Monday, the public holiday which i don't know what day is it as it make no difference to me, i go out again... Run to........ Yea bingo you get the right guess! KTM STATION AGAIN! Adui... Today's target is Sungai Wang's Chamber Music as i still wanna buy some reeds... And played the gu zheng and piano they got there.. I did bought 2 reeds today.. Hehehe.. But hey what for i buy reeds without a clarinet to play on? ==" Anyway, walk to low yat to buy earphone too... Because of YOU aaa... To talk on video call with you... Wahaha.. You know who you are XD Accidentally walk into Roger Yong here... Soooo La La eh compare to miri's.. And can't imagine if i actually agreed to be their model last year what will happen to me eh... Maybe end up on the poster outside the shop? Hahaha.. Before we end our wet (rain again arrrr) and legs killling day we found out Subang Parade actually got things to shop... What a surprise... Hahaha...

Owh ya bout the food... We had pork chop rice and xiu long bao.. Sooo dissapointing... That's why i cant bother to remember how to spell the shop's name... Lol... The siu long bao ald don't have the yummy soup inside so it's kinda dry.. I missed kuching's xiu long bao lar... But they counted the dishes wrongly and we don't have to pay for one of the pork chop rice... Good deal heh as they give us unsastifying experience? Blueks... Still, miss miri and kuching's food damn lot.. Laksa sarawak! Kampua! Kolok mee! Pan mee! Diang biang hu! And most importantly mum's cooking! Nicest food at cheaper price or free! ><

*Yawn* Super late d... I think i should just end here... Good night.. OOPS!! Good morning! Hahaha..


  1. wow. u really make good use of ur holidays eh. lol

  2. For the 1st few days only.. Haha..

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