Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Short trip to Janda Baik (pahang! o.O)

The last Sunday before i ends my holiday in KL officially, i went to Janda Baik with Hikari and a lecturer from A level programme. This trip is to survey the accommodation for a organic camp trip for all Taylor student.. Well... the trip's kinda nice.. With all the greeneries n sceneries.. Reminds me a lot of Sarawak... Lets see some pic pics i got here..

The 1st place we went to... It got very nice lake scenery... but the accommodation is not that good lor.. Can prefer camping outside too, as a whole bunch of Uitm student's doing there.. But they camped on the hill so imagine when it rains.. Whoa.. sure slippery eh..

Organic farm! Where participants of the camp will try planting their own organic plants here... As i say organic, well.. City kids beware... Haha... The place smells a bit of methane eh coz of the organic fertilizer.. Haha..

The 2nd accommodation we find there.. This place i can only describe with a word.. WOW... The whole place is designed and is really nice.. A lot of ponds and garden art and pondok.. Quite expensive compared to the 1st place but i guess they'd decided to stay in this place..

Pwetty pondok.. And from the hill there, according to Hikari, we can see the sun rise! Whee~

And this house or hut is made up of bamboo and wood.. Nice eh..

The nicest thing there is behind the chalet they have this river.. The river has very crystal clear water and nice sceneries.. I just love it =)

We had tea too before we leave Janda Baik... Eh, not tea... Sugar cane water! hehe.. And a bit pisang goreng and keropok lekor.. I tried the otak-otak which is barbecued on charcoal.. Is quite nice eh.. Sorry to say i never tried that in miri.. Haha.. =P
Otak-otak! Kalau sik da otak baru makan ya... Haha..

Anyway, thanks Hikari for bringing me along.. Although i'm still unsure to join the camp or not yet but i'm sure it'll be a nice n fun camp! Hehe..

P.s Passed by Batu Caves on the way but cant get a clear shot of it.. Duh.. Nevermind.. I MUST go there one day! Wait and see ah...


  1. i like ur

  2. hi, do you mind to share what's the name of the second accommodation you have found as written?
    it looks really nice. But I couldn't find this chalet even after clicking into each and every website for Janda Baik's :'((