Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hmm-ness... ><

How many things we had wished to own forever in our life?








Now come to it.. What do you own now?

I guess you owned more than you thought right? But how many people will dare say they appreciate everything? I won't say so, because i know i don't...

Hey stop shushing me.. I know is dumb to say something me myself cant even understand well =="


Life's getting confusing to me.. Even thought it added colours and excitement to my initially boring and dull life, i think somehow it's a lil too much for me. Weird thing about life: You will be given a lot of things that somehow resembles what you wish for and it is not IT.. When you can only choose 1, should you grab hold of what you have now? Or wait for the something which is really really what you want but you might lose it halfway even before you touch it? Some says i don't know how to appreciate but wait... You can only grab hold of 1 thing.. Either you appreciate this not-really-what-you-want thing or put that down and go for your far-and-somehow-unreachable thing. Ouch definately hard to decide..

Hmm.. While i'm busy thinking about all this stuff, how many chances i had lost?

But i'd promised myself... Decide for your own good and no regret for it.. Then... I think i had an answer deep inside my heart... Just that no one knows... And no one can tell it's right or wrong too.. It's................................................. I will not tell =X

Easiest way.... LET TIME TELLS EVERYTHING. Since i think i had an answer, then only time can show me it's right or wrong..

Lol.. A very lame yet simple way..

P.S. Enjoyed my day today even it's just a very simple Sunday.. =)


  1. I wish for a long friendship....and a beautiful life!!

    Of course, a day in the sun with my two besties would be great too!!!!

  2. Hehes... One day, adnan.. One day...