Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Too much ester! xD

Having practical test these few days.. Damn nervous oh when doing the experiment as we're too afraid if we do wrong then the whole thing just gone like that.. o.O Thank god finish edi.. No more ester! Or our whole class will go hyper and uncontrolled.. Haha..


Nope.. Just a bunch of stained nucleus and dead cells...

Jocelyn accidentally got stained by aceto-orcein during our bio lab period and it look damn like a cut.. Hoho.. As aceto-orcein stain and kill cells, it'll take a long time for the colour to go off.. Now she'll have the "cut" with her for at least a week.. Haha..

I wonder what will happen it someone was poured with aceto-orcein... Turns all purple-ish-red? All skin cells dies? Yerr.. Scary *shudder* But one thing for sure, that someone will be damn smelly... Eeew acid-vinegar smell... Owh and please don't do the experiment for me yea.. I don't wanna get blamed for killing other people's cells! o.O

Currently doing some readings instead of doing my homeworks... Lol.. Being a very bad girl again.. Hahas.. But now i stop my novel halfway to read this book see kay lend to me "50 simple ways to pamper your dog"..

Well i never really pampered my doggies... But i do love them a lot... Miss them eh.. Have more than 1 month to go before i can go home.. Then after that i guess i might only go home again after i finish my final exam here.. Hrmm.. Still considering whether wanna go back home or not during august or september holiday.. What do you think? o.O

Well i guess i'll stop here.. Damn sleepy even thought is still pretty early.. Can i sleep soooo early? Then wake earlier to do my homework? Hrmm... Felling lazy eh.... Damn lazy.. Blueks..


  1. stay back. u've been to miri for nearly 18 years now. lol.

    think of the places u could've gone into. =)

  2. Hahaha.. Seriously ah? Then i don go search for cheap air tickets lor.. xD

  3. depend on the length of ur holiday sis..

    if its only 1 week, dun go back.
    but if like 2 or 3 weeks, well, just stay for one week then cai go back home on the following week. haha