Saturday, April 11, 2009

Touched my heart...

Went to City Harvest Center today.. Wow... 1st time go to such a "young people" church... Rock eh.. Rock worshiping songs and funny dramas.. Really different from other church.. o.O What a surprise for me..

And you know what? The drama did send the message of "forgive" to me.. Even thought i'm not a christian, the story just kinda touched my heart.. >< *Tears dropping* Oops you're not suppose to know that.. Immediately after the church i messaged someone to say sorry and i don't really know why since i'd not in contact with her for quite long edi.. And told someone i love him.. HEY DON'T GET ME WRONG! It's my ah gor lar.. Hahaha.. Missed him a lot lot...

Wanna say a lot of stuff to a lot of peoples around me right now...

Wanna say i love you mum..

Wanna say i love you dad...

Wanna say i missed playing with all of you to my lil sis and bro..

Wanna hug my cute cute doggies (Sure growing fatter and fatter edi.. Those lazy and greedy bums..)

Wanna say thank you to all my friends, besties and gor, for standing beside me when i need them, and help me whenever i need..

Wanna say i miss you to a whole bunch of long-time-no-see friends... Even thought we're far apart from each other but i can sense our hearts are still connected tightly =)

Let the little angel pray for you all.. May peace be with you all always..

I love you all yea.. =)

Gonna sleep edi lor.. Very late ald.. Have a dreamless night and sleep tight everyone...

P.S. I missed you too *Blueks*


  1. I am glad u like it.~ ^^
    next time wanna go again? hehe..

  2. amen to ur new found spirit! lol

  3. You are, and always be friends...that's just the way of life...u get hurt, then, you forgive....