Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yawn~ *Puffy eyed*

Because of my super low mood, I din't really study last night.. that's why i have to wake up damn early this morning... Super tired one..

And guess what? I only slept at 2am with my lights on and laptop buzzing beside me.. =="

Woke at 4am, being nudged by howard till i finally wake up to study (This guy stayed up for the whole night.. O.o He still haven adjusted back to the time in our sweet malaysia since he came back from Spain (Good larh... That's what you'll get if u go Spain!! *Pure jealousy*))

Walked blur blur to class, stare at book blur blur... Eh exam start edi a?? Oops... Did my paper blur blur... But it seem better than last time (I got 9 out of 40 last time.. Damn cool 1.. Fail till everyone speechless)

Too bad tomorrow still got Malaysian Studies exam.. And its's final! Even though i only need another 12 morks to pass it, i still don wanna get just a D for it.. Means that i cannot have a whole day rest yet.. Huhu..

Still shivers when i remembered the "wake up surprise" for me yesterday.. This "wonderful" little thing is a centipede.. I have no idea where it came from.. It appears just underneath my feet when i start get sleepy trying to concentrate last night... About 7cm, this not too little buggy gave me a great fright... Stared at it with my mouth hanging open not knowing what to do ><

I squashed it into half with my chair when i get back my senses.. And to my sheer horror, this action only doubled my "excitement".. The 2 halves are still squirming and moving! Even worst, in opposite direction!! O.o Almost get insane when i saw that.. Huhu.. Don't know how long i spent to get the 2 "cute" and "lively" multiplied worms flat under the legs of my plastic chair in the far corner of my room..

I'm NOT going to touch that chair until the cleaner come to clear the silly bug off..

And currently stoled my roomie's chair to use.. She's back at kelantan for holiday.. Shh!!Don't tell her!! LOL..

Ah k.. Sleepy again... Duhh~ Should i just nap a while? I guess i should.. Nitey nitez~ xD

P.s. Front part of this blog is typed in campus's Web.. Only finish it now, 5pm.. LOL.. Wanna sleep... ><

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