Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bukit Gasing trip~

It's 1st May!!! Holiday~ We a bunch of G2 students and some of Hikari's old schoolmates went to Bukit Gasing for a jungle trekking trip..

Meet up with everyone who're going at Taylor campus.. Then off we go! Whee~~

This is us, at the Bukit Gasing entrance.. xD

"Ahh! Squirrel!!" All girls was mad about it.. "Soo cute!!"
Erm i got no idea why i do that "pose".. =="

Must do some stretching of course!

Lets start with something easy 1st.. Lalala...

*Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream~
When you see a crocodile and
Don't forget to scream AHHHH!!!* xD

Still very energetic.. Me extreamly hyper! Woot~

Getting tougher and tougher..

There is one part of damn hard... Very long way up hill while we only have some holes and roots to step on.. Very tiring.. Halfway up there i started to feel my legs shaky ( Not enough stamina practice!! Ahhh!!) Tahan till the top... >< PHUH I REACH EDI!!! And kinda fast too! Feel proud of myself..

But too bad, hua yen had a real bad time.. After she reach the top she was whole pale @@ I was kinda worried.. But well, it happens to be ok... At least her colour came back after resting a while and she started joking around.. LOL.. And she didn't roll down as she said too.. Anyway, good thing she didn't do so, as there's no McD Roll-Thru there.. Haha..

We got a hanging bridge here! Look at it!! If i was a few years younger i sure cant walk through it.. Because i got height fright.. Well currently overcoming it edi.. Since i can walk through it i guess my height fright is much much better than before already!

*OooooH!!! Don't look down! Walk carefully!*

Oooo Stream!!! Where where??

Found this tower instead.. Climbing time!

Me and Li Ji my dear lab partner on the tower xD

After climbing up, we must climb down also.. *Gulp* Why the stairs soo steep? O.o *shiver*

Ehh reach exit edi? Where's the stream? O.o
I guess i didn't take the right turn.. LOL..

Eee we just walk though what the Hash House Harries walk too! Well it seems better than the 1 in miri.. My dad's a hasher too.. But what he went though was like few times tougher than this! Miss dad a lot suddenly.. ><

Another group photo with everyone inside after the "weight-losing-trip"

AND don't forgot to preserve our natural resources! Save nature for our future!

Finally, we eat! The 1st time i saw porrige can cost like rm70++ eh... Scary.. But kinda nice lar.. And got A LOT of seafood inside.. Not what i order thought.. Hahaha... Ate chicken rice, popiah, a some "lobak", a lil porridge stolen from shujun's bowl xD And A LOT of biscuit after i reach home..

Erm I don't know whether this trip can help me lose weight or not.. Since i ate double after that.. Wahaha..

Anyway it's a fun trip! And miracleusly my legs doesn't hurt at all! @@ Cool~


  1. macam hiking through ladang aku ja ni. huahuahua

  2. LOL...

    U haven tried it urself la.. The pic cant show some tough parts!

  3. hideout breaker =)May 13, 2009 at 12:48 AM

    ever tried skidding from the beginning til the end cause of getting bad boots in plkn? raining, and the only way to go down hill is slide down without any breaking but holding stems =)