Sunday, May 17, 2009


Was studying bio while listening to songs.. Suddenly hear Crush by David Archuleta.. Memories like flow back to me... *shiver*

Hahas.. I still remember last year December i went to stay in Kuching for 2 weeks with Howard, Nixon and their relatives (gosh sound like i kacau their family gathering hahaha) That time EVERYDAY i listen to this song like at least 2 times.. Everytime i get on car the radio sure playing this song 1 and i don't know why though~ xD

Did a lot a lot of stuff at Kuching.. For the 1st time I drove a manual kancil.. In green road school compound some more! xD Thanks Ben Ho for letting me drive yea.. I know you was kinda freaked out when I drive... Look at how you guide me! So kimteo wahaha..

When to this park to walk walk with Ben xD

And he fetch us to bring Adnan out for a nice-but-short tea.. Lalala..

Then stayed at Damai Puree for a night.. Played in the kiddo's pool with the excuse of "bawa adik".. Anthea was there bah.. Haha.. How long I din get myself wet in a pool edi a? Hrmmm... Well i can't swim also what.. LOL... But I remember someone promise to teach me swim hor.. *hint hint* Right? Hehe..

The weather was kinda bad.. But nevermind i still had fun there!

The bar in the hotel.. Nice picture right? *proud of myself* Wahaha..

Went to St joseph too.. Go there kacau them practice for Christmas performance.. Super nice 1.. especially the flutes! You guys rocks! xD Thanks for playing "assassin" with us yea... And thanks for not throwing that "Are-you-guys-here-to-spy-us" look.. Missed you guys lots! Well we gonna meet again real soon eh? Looking forward! Woot!

Welcome to St Joseph School Kuching. It is founded in 1882 Bla bla bla bla bla...........

Watched MPYO concert for the 1st time in my life.. Met some st joseph members there too.. Hrmm let me think... Jordan and wariq i remember very well.. But the others I can't remember their names =( Sorry! Quite a nice concert... But i was forcing myself not to fall asleep very very hard.. =P

Concert hall! Erm can't see clearly right? Quite a badly taken picture.. But nice celling thou =P

What else ahh... OWH have a very very long chat with Jason aka my *ahem* and eric.. Poor john like being left out at 1st.. Sorry yea.. >< Almost died as the car almost crash thou... Drive carefully lah duh! *Phobia edi*

Lalala.. Enough of the distraction... Better go back to my books =="
Sienn..... Tata~


  1. -Skiez- **hideout breaker xD**May 23, 2009 at 11:10 AM

    the car can turn without controlling the steering xD
    tat was a trial for u, must pass driving test in 1 go eh, heh

  2. LOL.. hahaha... Am i tat good edi? xD

    My ahem's name? written big big there le.. haha..

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