Saturday, May 9, 2009

Currently emo-ing..

Lots of stuff in my mind... Still trying to sort them out... But it's almost impossible...

Like a tangled up rope without the end of the ropes..
No end, no way to untangle...

Duhh.. Sort of like cutting all into pieces...


Human is the highest form of life in the Earth.
This make human possible to do stuff that's suppose to be impossible.
Of course, this make human also become one very complicated kind of animal.

Human mind... Even if you're the greatest psychologist in the world, I'll still say you know too few about human..
Every crook and turn in our brains think different stuff, do different task..

But still, I still hope I can read human's mind...
Even if just a bit, it's still enough for me
At least I'll have a clue about what YOU are thinking..


And maybe I can understand myself more too..

I don't know myself well enough =(

Semester exam is coming soon...
Means D-I-E to me...

Damn why I wanna take science?! Super hard to study 1...

P.s I need MORE dark chocolate.. MORE!!!


  1. u do understand just ur abit unsure of it..

    dun worry, u will get over it soon...its just one of those times bah..

  2. Sometimes in see yourself in other people...thats how u understand urself better... cheer up.. :)