Monday, May 4, 2009


Yeah~ I can watch state level! After scold by mum and pay for my own fees of course =="

But anyway I CAN GO!!! WOOT~ Can't wait for the bands to ROCK the place!

Damn excited and nervous.. Even thou i dono what for i get nervous.. I'm not in there anyway.. Haha...

I was inside there... Missed the thrill so much ><

Now still got 3 weeks to go before the competition but i'm already thinking of packing already.. Haha.. Can't wait to see my dear friends and babies!!

P.s ADNAN don't forgot what you promised me!! xD

P.p.s Sorry mum.. Again.. Duhhh...


  1. nice to hear that sis!

    too bad i cant go though =(

    holiday starts at the 30th...

  2. But but.. Competition is on the saturday! T-T

    Gor aaaaa... Long time din c u edi lar.. Huhu..