Monday, May 11, 2009

Just duhhh...

Don't know what's wrong with me..

Shoulders ache a lot ><
As if i did gymnastic or had a bad fight last night..

It's bengkak already.. Huhu.. Some sort of like carrying bass drum or xylophone too long.. Duh..

Want a good massage.. But when jocelyn help me massage I wanna die ald.. Super pain! T-T

Duhhh.... Mayb I need more rest? Too much late night phone calls and slacking on9 is bad for me =(


To make me feel worst, I think I'm jealous of someone..

Huhu... Well everyone knows how good is this someone.. How confident is this someone..

And of course, this someone has a very easy life till now.. I mean nobody can trip this someone down in the middle of anything.. And chances appeared for this someone...

What about me? Well I guess I met too much fake friends and back stabber and arrogant peaople edi... Until I don't know who to believe sometimes.. And I don't dare to take anyone that treat me real good as a good friend.. I scare, like many before them, they'll gone one day and if i put them in an important place in my heart, I'll break down again..

Like many times before this..

Duhh my heart has so much super glue and cellofontape markings on it...

Break it a few more times, I think I won't dare have good friends anymore...

Feel so guilty for being jealous... But I just can't help it T-T



  1. you dont have to be jealous of that person, christy. u might never know that person is jealous of YOUR life. appreciate what you have and need not to be jealous of others. :D u have good friends around you, it's just you that need to realize who they are. forget those people you hate and think of those you like. kay? :D

    and you really do need me to massage for you... hahahahaha

  2. yeah. think about us. lol

  3. >< Sowie... Just being stupid.. Huhu...

  4. hideout breaker =)May 13, 2009 at 1:44 AM

    every1 experienced it, just how ya gona get through it.
    dun worry, juz be happy after getting through it~