Sunday, May 10, 2009

Munch munch munch



Typical christy's way to reduce boredom..

Why am I not studying when i got the time? Damn damn damn...

Currently munching some biscuits.. AGAIN!!!!

Wondering how much weight I gonna gain if I go on like this...

Well another typical christy's way to reduce boredom is drawing... Haven really draw for ages already... Hahaha..

Wanna show off my "masterpiece"!

*Sometimes in life.....* (Oh 2009) Done with the help of jocelyn.. I love my lil pup there...

A line quoted from a nice piece of poem.. Which have my middle name "yen" somewhere in the poem..

Well I'd tried my best to write nice chinese words edi... Because my handwritten is well known untidy like cakar ayam ><


Enough of my crappy time wasting post..

Gonna sleep as I still have to wake early for orchestra practice tomorrow...

Hope it'll be a good I.. Didn't practice though... O.o

Damn blur 1.. Well anyway, nitey nitez... ><