Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Get my physic exam paper back today.. And thank god i did ok!


I still remember last physic exam i only get 9 out of 40.. Very very bad result indeed =(
Even Mr Yong was shocked with my sudden bungee jump type of result.. Oh well, that's for didn't study earlier AND didn't consult friends before hand on stuff that i'm not sure of..

Neh neh neh.. But I don't think this result is enough to fill back the bad 1 I did last time @@

Secret recipe to succeed in SAM = Study consistently

Which I never did =P


Results in :
- Never pass my chemistry in SAM exams ( Duhhh I also don't know why!!! I'm very sure I DID study A LOT for the last 1 but........ Hrmm maybe I'm just not a chemistry type of person..)
- Failed my math in SAM for the 1st time ( Ish, that's for didn't do my homework! Damn damn... I have said the bad word! *HOMEWORK*)

Hrmm what should I do ahh?

Meiji's Black Chocolate.. Maybe I need more chocolate to boost up my energy level! For better studies lah.. Haha..

But am on budget now.. No $$


Maybe I need some nice jelly...

Yum yum...

But this is the only type I can lay my hands on! Arrgh..

Phenolphtalein jelly (did I spelled it wrongly? Chemistry term again Duhhh)

Looks so yummy yet poisonous =(

Ish, they should not come up with this kind of experiment.. Make me hungry only *stomach growl*

Neway, TRYING to force myself to do my homework now *AHHH who speaks the bad word??!!*

Don't know when will I start though..

*Day dreaming*



  1. I think you should go for Meiji's Black Chocolate...hahaha. The jelly don't look yummy eh. Look like Flubber. hahaha. Congrats on your physics. You so smart, no need worry de mah. haha

  2. Flub... Flubber?? O.o What's that suppose to be?

    Thanks, but am not smart at all.. Or else I won't fail my chemistry all the times =(
    *thou i don know y i can get A2 for that in SPM.. Miracle indeed @@*

  3. hahahah... Miracle Christy. Flubber a movie lai de. It's a moving jelly >_< aiyo go google Flubber gua. >_<

  4. O.o Gor gor... Where did u throw all ur chemistry knowledge to? LOL..