Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Stayed back for a while after the state level...

Met with some friends (quite a big bunch actually).. And had a nice time gai gai-ing around small small sibu... Was kinda surprised how very small are the malls there! Erm eh?? Are those considered malls? Haha xD

Do~ Re~ Mi~ Fa~ Who's there? @@

Adnan and me again.. I like this pic a lot.. even thou i look quite messy that time.. Hahas..

The cute cute bear adnan gave.. Thanks!

What really surprise me is this earrings... I mean.. I never tell him I like earrings.. But so weird, he actually bought what i like! @@ Meow! I'm really shocked.. And quite happy as well =)

Thanks friends.. Especially adnan! xD

P.s. Stay strong k? Will be there for u always..


  1. You're welcome Christy! You're the best!!! IN any way....you're the best. I'm sorry that we only manage to cath up for a couple of minutes, but i really cherish that short moment...

    I'll stay strong.
    Never in my life I shared such news with anybody else. And I'm glad that you stayed with me till the end.

    Miao~ forever...

    ps-if there's a chance, i'll make up for lost time....hehe...i will keep my promise to treat both you and Howard for a dinner at Secret Resipe...:P

    till then...miao~

  2. =) I'm glad to hear that.. And don't ever hesitate to find me whenever u need an ear yea ><

    Well i'll remember ur promise xD And if I can make it i'll definitely go find u again.. NATIONALS! And this time i'll stalk u all the way! Wahaha...

  3. I never will hesitate. I know i can count on you to lend an ear. Thank you!!!

    You're a great friend indeed. How am i gonna thank both of you guys!!!

    I WILL!! I'll keep my promise to you guys!!!

    Nationals, I'll try my best to find a time for the three of us!!!

  4. So do I.. So pray that i don hav exam during national yea.. Then mayb i'll skip class for that IF it's on weekdays.. xD

    P.S. I believe unlike sibu, johor got secret recipe lor.. Hehe..