Tuesday, May 26, 2009

State level!

Finally able to online.. xD Back in sibu's Kingwood there's no wifi for me to blog!

I only arrived sibu on the 22th (friday) noon, so i missed the rehearsal in the morning... Feel kinda bad because I won't able to watch other bands' performance ><

SK S.E.D.C. We had our competition at the school's carpark.. And you might think there are other buildings around.. No kiddo, you're so wrong. The venue is just as what you see in the picture.. Cool right? 1st time I watch state level band competition at a carpark, not stadium! That's still ok.. The part which I dislike the most is THERE IS NO GOOD VIEW. Gosh... I missed the rehearsal, and we're not suppost to go upstairs on the competition day = No good view NOOOOO

Took some pictures from my other band mates.. The band members was practicing the afternoon before competition. I can only say DAMN the weather's sooo HOT! Salute all the members! They practiced on and on without complain.. And me, standing upstairs half hidden in shade still dare to complain.. Shame on me =X

Colour guards practicing...

Incantation! Swish~

As chung hua is famous of their "kiasu-ness", after the practice in the afternoon, we went back to the venue for another round of practice in the evening.. But I'm glad they had this practice.. I can see a better show that night, and really I have to say they really improved a lot on music..

Tired after practicing, the members are asked to rest early (even though most of them still play around and make a lot of noises.. Monkeys...) while we ex members did some uniform work for them.. Polishing shoes, check helmet etc etc... @@ Sleepy ehh...

Woke up 430 in the morning, almost fainted when I say the girls' hair.. O.o 1st time I see so much messy heads for competition! Luckily they're easily fixed.. Arrive at the venue bout 5 something, was kinda shocked when I say green road went there as early as we do!

Green Chords~ Green Road Secondary school band.

The football team~ I believe is Liverpool since they sang their theme song.. St Joseph Kuching.

My babies~ Chung hua miri brass band.

We have to wait quite long for our turn.. So took some random pics~

Take pic of sio bee taking pic of sui seng.. Lol..

Colour guards helping our conductor with her hair...

Helping each other checking their attire...

Still waiting~ The reds and the greens..

Soloist praying before the competition.. They did very well that day~

Ex f5 members~

I start to look very much like a fuffy eyed rabbit =="

1~ 2~ BEEB!!

Finally all bands had their turn and is time for the result... We wait and wait and wait...........
Boring ehh.. Boring until i keep running around giving water for members and fan-ing them.. Jiak ba bo shu zho.. Haha...

After a lot of boring speeches inside the super warm hall, we finally know the result.

Best preparation Chung hua miri
Best colour guard St joseph kuching
Best preparation St joseph miri
Best drum major Riam road miri

1st St joseph kuching
2nd Chung hua miri
3rd St joseph miri

Most of the results are as what i predicted.. But too bad we missed the best colour guard prize.. I really loved our cg's movements.. Really complicated yet they did it so beautifully~ No matter what, You guys are the BEST in my heart!

I'm really proud of all my band members too.. The music was just BEAUTIFUL... The articulations, dymanics, tone quality... All those stuff Mr nonami always remind us again and again before this, for the the 1st time you guys present everything out, so smooth and sweet.. I truly enjoyed it lots..

Even though you guys didn't manage to get the champs, but you guys did your best already, and this is really a very good chance to gain experience. Take this oppurtunity to learn from your mistakes, improve on your weak points, polish up your good parts, and learn from other bands. DO NOT criticize others or feel bad bout losing.. To be a better loser is the pathway to be a winner. As long as you did your best and learn to accept, you're a champion to yourself already. Never ever hate or envy what others got, as with more effort, one day you may achieve your goals.

And why not try to make friends with other bands? Learn from each other, share what we know.. Believe me, it really helps in improving, and of course, we can learn a lot through this =)
Mr jonathan fox's right.. Still remember what he told us? xD

Oh well.. Before my bus left the venue, I rushed to take pic with my miao~ xD
And don't ask me about the orange.. I don't know why we're taking that too =="
Thanks jordan for the pic! =)

And lastly, keep up the good work SJSK! Continue to improve and make sarawak proud! Get the trophy back yea!

Ora Et Labora!

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  1. sry kawan... if i was at home tat day, u might be able to watch the rehearsal dy.. Zzz..
    btw ur sis ivy hii kah? saw the photos in facebook