Friday, June 12, 2009

1st week back in kl

After spending 2 sweet weeks back in miri, I don't feel like coming back to kl already.. Got a really bad feeling especially on my result.. Indeed, I scored quite badly =S

Chemistry, as usual, is my lowest mark subject... And this time i din do well in my practical too.. So my overall chemistry mark for midyear report card is terrible..

Math, DUHHH... That's for didn't do his homework and didn't do enough pass year papers.. I mess up my math as well this time... T-T

Physic was ok.. Surprisingly i get almost full mark for my extended response question! But because i screwed ONE of my previous test, the grade is horrible too... o.O

English, just average.. Biology, I DIDN'T score an A!! Aduhh... That let me feel worst than ever...
What will my mum say when she saw my result?

Suddenly hope my report card will get lost halfway before it reaches home..

Dream on.. Yea...
Gonna work hard for next exam edi! I can afford to score something like this another time!


1st week back here was quite unlucky for me.. Let see...

My laptop charger ALMOST spoilt (thank god it's ok now), phone charger spoilt, the bowl i left here in my hostel's gone, kena bird crap (headshot summore, and please DON'T LAUGH! =="), graphic calculator's battery suddenly finish (THANK GOD that did not happen during exam!), my ice blended chocolate pearl bubble drink (long name huh?) dropped before i had even drank a sip from it........ Lot's more... I cant remember and don't wanna remember too.. Quite an eventful week huh?

Next week, 2 presentations coming up.. ESL and biology.. I just HATE presentations.. Why my english seem getting suckier n suckier? o.O Unexplainable, really... Plus chemistry practical test drop on the same day with my presentations... I gotta work hard for that... I hope it can help my pull up my chemistry mark.. But until now i still can't get the most important 3 concordant titre! I feel so dead..

Homesick-ing... I need a hug from mum... Pressured... Really, college ain't easy at all! It might seem free BUT well... You gotta pay for that =S

A place close at heart
Yet far beyond reach
A place called home


Oh well... Went out relax today... Bought some food stuff...

There's a Japan food promotion... Got free food testing =P And you know what i'll do right? Food are nice~ And eating is even nicer! Yum yum~ Bought meiji's dark chocolate again... My favourite comfort food xD

Got many cute bears too!

Pooh bear no.1! Watery eyes~ Cute right?

Pooh bear no.2! Green strawberry head! xD

Say NO to paper thin model!

And lastly, my favorite pic of the day! Nice right?

With all my love, to you =P