Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bubai, my dearest companion...

Faster Shaker

To my dearest companion

Even though you're only with me for four months

You'd helped me lots

Drawing, sketching, writing, scribbling....

Thanks for everything

Sorry for not defending you when people make fun of your name ><

I'll always remember you...

Lolz... My rosak-ed mechanical pencil i mentioned earlier... I had just officially announces it's "death"... Aduiii i missed drawing with it =(

Bla bla bla.. Trying to do my homework now.. I guess that's all for today...


  1. lol roask-ed? buy new one liaw la.. that one retired liaw lo...

  2. Buy edi... Not as pwetty! >< Missed my old one lehh..