Sunday, June 14, 2009

Can you sense that....

Hrmm.. Wondering how many of you actually can sense this...

Sometimes i tends to know the presence of someone, even though i don know him/her...

Is like when something happened, maybe between me and my friend, i actually can sense that SOMEONE's behind it.. And i can figure out how he/she did that too.. Kinda scary, but i can sense that..

Sometimes i can sense something will happen as well.. Like months before it actually come true...

Maybe i'm just thinking too much.. But somehow got prove shows me that what i think is actually on the right track, and more and more proves coming up too.. Gosh..

Is that what we called "women's six sense"?

If so, you guys better beware! Because i'll know what you're going to do! Muahaha..


Blehh... Six sense too sharp's a bad thing too... I tends to think too much... Which ends up to be true! Arrgh!

I can sense YOUR presence girl... Gosh and i don't even know you! Been thinking of what kind of girl you can be quite often these days but nothing comes to my mind... Seriously i have no idea who you are, despite the point that i know you was someone's someone (lol) and what your name MIGHT be... I don't even know your real name!

Who actually are you? Show yourself! lol....

And i fear what i feared (some sort of philosophy?) will come true... Which is, at this moment, proven to be HALF true.. Sorry to say lah, the other half i might never know.. Unless the parties involved tell me themselves... That's impossible ><

To whom who read this post

I'm NOT insane

I'm NOT imagining things


I don't know what I'm talking about too =P

But who cares?

We got the freedom for speech!

P.s. Girl, i know you misses him right? Too bad to say, I'm too... I believe he misses you.. But sadly, not me..