Friday, June 26, 2009

Ex band members outing

Outing last saturday... Super late post because i just get all those pics =P

Our journey starts off at 10am.. My jane and jocelyn have to walk to the train station in rain... Duhh... And there's our dearest KTM, which cannot promise to be on time or won't stop halfway nowhere =="

Me jocelyn and jane taking pictures since we were boring waiting there.. Look at us, wind-swept look.. Huhu.. Hateful rain..

KL Sentral.. We meet with janice and xing yee here.. Then we go to Bukit Bintang after this..

Car exhibition at Pavilion.. *cough cough* My future bf and husband will gonna drive me out with one of those cars! xD

All busy taking photo with the super pretty car.. All claimed their own husband in future will drive them out using this car.. All busy day dreaming and din't realise they blocked almost the whole car xD

Girls posing while waiting for jane doing her shopping..

This is real random.. I started it! The shop keeper staring at us.. Oops..

Emo Jane xP

Immitating the models behind us.. Bad imitation though.. Hahaha..

Food! Eat with the guys here..

Guys eating.. Hungry bunch of people...

Feeling random again after dinner.. xD

Family photo.. Minus jocelyn the photographer..

We went back at 10+pm using bus.. And you know what? Got police check! Take your ic out!

Jocelyn and jane din bring theirs.. Thank god the police din check theirs.. Maybe they look local enough? Or else we'll gonna go overnight at police station lu..

Police checked mine though.. look at it then look at me again.. I know my ic don't look like me ==" Duh....

Neways, looking forward for outing trip 2! But dono when'll that be though.. Hahaha..


  1. cool..looks fun..but rex is studying ni kl meh?

  2. Yeap.. And Tad jiunn, peng yong, adrian, shih peng all here too