Thursday, June 18, 2009


Finally finish my physics info search! Means all the most important things this weeks had been done!~ Woots~

Damn tired lah.. I wanna slack and sleep as much as possible *Where're your passion for study you just get few days ago??* Ah wait i haven finish my sentence... I wanna slack and sleep as much as possible BEFORE i move on again..


Homeworks!!!! Don't feel like touching them today... *Throw aside* Sowiee~

Cant wait for tomorrow.. It's friday! Means i can relax after class! I wanna stock up my food supply! This means shopping for me.. Then i hope i can meet up with my band mates on saturday.. Then 1st wind ensemble practice after my holidays on sunday..

Oops... I still seem too busy to do my homework...

I hate busy life

But at the same time, i love it too

At least there's something i can do...

Exclude homeworks and exams of course!! xD

P.s Thanks everyone for the comfort and support... I know i was being childishly nonsense.. Really too much pressure... Sorry... and thanks.. Huggies!

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