Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy father's day!

Just phoned daddy.. I think this is the 1st time i ever talk to daddy through phone since i come to kl.. Quite pathetic right? But at least i manage to talk to him... Just realize how much i miss my daddy and my family.. Sobs.. *tears dropping*

They're going out to find some western food for dinner.. I cant go! Huhu... How i wish i can be with daddy and my family, happily celebrating father's day together...

Anyway, wanna say that

Daddy I love you!
You're my hero and the best daddy in the world!
Muakz !

Family picture taken at uncle & aunty's house during cny 2008...
The handsome man in red's my daddy! <3


  1. ahh i miss my dad too..he's working in nz now :/

  2. hahaha...christy, such a good girl. :D have a nice day eh.

  3. Larry : Is it? U sure misses ur dad lots.. >< Wished him happy father's day edi i guess?

    Jason : Thanks yea.. But i'm not a good gal.. i don phone back often =(