Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kidneys!!!! Muahahaha...

Its biology practical today. And what did we do today? We DISSECT KIDNEYS!!! Muahaha!!

Stupid lamb kidney.. Quite smelly.. You know... Urine.. Gaah...

With the outer membrane and fats out there, it's quite hard to slice it open.. After many failed attempts trying to cut it, i get frustrated.. So i use the pointy thingy to poke it and use scissors to snip it open! Muahaha.. Imagine I'm operating on your kidney and i SNIP YOUR KIDNEYS!! Ahahaha! (Side effect of scary practical... You'll become insane =P)

Kidney with the outer membrane and fats removed

Sharanya, my partner in operating the kidney =P

Me and MY kidney... Muahaha...

Snip snip snip... The pinkish structure is medulla, dark red is cortex, white colour is pelvis..

Fat and membrane that'd been removed..

Poke!! That's the hole connecting to the ureter!

I think this post is somehow extremly gross to some ppl.. Sorry yea =P

P.s. Actually it's kinda fun eh.. Hahahahaha..


  1. it's 1.24 now..i should have read this post after my lunch,now duno whether got appetite to swallow wad i just cooked =/...haha

  2. Chun hoe : I tot u was a bio student too? Hahaha.. Sorry then =P

    Larry : You may vomit, but not here yea.. Thanks.. WAkakaka...

  3. reminds me of disecting rat & frog in form 4. in de end de rat's head was chopped off. omg... sinful!