Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Miri eye + sickly me

Went to the UK Fair today.. Just to have a ride on the so-called-miri-eye.. LOL

The entrance fee is RM2 each.. Then to ride the "eye" we have to pay 3 token! Gosh..

I took this picture halfway up.. Sorry for the low quality picture.. Hahas.. Was very afrais that my phone will fall down or not ><
Howard hugging the tiang while screaming.. Hahas... It's kinda scary when the whole thingy stop halfway up there..

Me standing + howard aka koala-bear hugging the tiang + Yik Yuen's hands beside.. Lousy picture too xD

Some crazy spinning wheel.. With people actually shuffling inside! O.o

Some small stalls which we don wanna try out at all.. Cheat money 1.. 2 tokens each game!

Damn the brainless people that involved in open burning.. I was chocking on the haze there... My house area's hazy everynight.. Ouch to my nose and head ><

Then today, the half blind (I throw away one side of my irritating n painful contact lens) + clumsy me tripped over a tiny drain (it's not even 10cm x 15cm deep x width i can tell u!) Knelt down beside a table full of guys (thank god i'm not wearing skirt).. My left leg thus got a bruise similar to the scar on my right leg *LOL* and somehow my back start ache again.. Damn lar.. PAIN!! I feel so old.. Even bent down's painful for me =S

To make it worst, I think i'll hav fever soon.. Headache, dizzy and feeling hot.. I guess my sis who's having fever now somehow affected me.. Great huh?

I do look sick right? I look like that for a whole week edi and i don't know why @@

P.s. Anyone cared anyhow? LOL.. I guess i'll be grateful if no one call me ah ma.. Walk S-L-O-WWWWW...


  1. haha.. clumsy girl la u! btw u dont look sick leh but take care of your health k? i still care leh.. haha

  2. o.o... look sick and pale.. take care yea