Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some of you must be wondering where had i been every sunday..

HERE! is where i waited for my train...=P

This is the place, KL Performing Arts centre..

I like the building a lot.. Artistic!

This is where i joined my 1st wind ensemble in kl.. Such a cute place to start right? Being here is something really really lucky for me, as i never thought that someone with not good enough basic (me) and without instrument (still me) can have the chance to continue playing clarinet somewhere far from home!

Firstly gotta thank song yue for being kind enough to lend me a clarinet.. Or else i can't do anything too! =) Thanks!

Buffet A clarinet! Hehex... Had a chance to play it for a short while.. Thanks again! And thanks for letting me try out Yamaha custom made Bb clarinet too xD

People in the wind ensemble are really nice too.. They'll help you out if anytime.. Is real nice being able to practice with them.. =)

My beloved naughty boy! xP

Mr Nonami came to visit us for a short while last sunday before he go on the flight for the music camp in chung hua... Missed him lots lotsssss! Was sooo glad he remembered me! Haha.. He actually say long time no see and was surprised when i appear beside him... Hope can see him real soon ><"
KLPAC Wind Ensemble Concert

Date : 2, 3, 4 October 2009
Venue : KLPAC Pentas 1
Ticket : RM25 Free seating

All pieces are works of Mr Nonami and he himself will conduct too!

Tickets will be avaliable by mid August.

By the way, the wind ensemble welcomes music lover to join too! Especially Piccolo, Oboe, Bassoon, Eb Cla, Bass Cla and French Horn players... Anyone interested? Don't hestitate to join yea... (Cant help wanting to promote it here.. Hehehe...)


Before I come to KL, i thought this might be the end of my band life.. Well i was so wrong! Besides joining wind ensemble, there're plenty of concerts to attend too.. And chances to go to other states' state level competition is higher...

Watched Song Yue and friends' wind quintet concert.. Performed for CircleK installation night in taylors.. Watched KL state level competition... Confirmed going to watch Kuen Cheng school band's concert... Still considering watching Catholic High School's concert... Half confirmed that i'll attend Perak state level competition... Maybe gonna watch MPYO's concert at Sunway... And hoping BADLY that i can watch national level competition too! Band members, feeling jealous? xP

KL competition's venue.. Raining.. Summore there's no high view! ><

St John Institution, KL champs this year (VI din't join) Awesome colour guards!!! Coached by Bontang pupuk kaltim's instructor bah, 3nd place for KLWMBC 07... Cool~ Pretty flags add on 2 monster flags!

Cant wait fot nationals! Ahh!

Crispy specials