Monday, June 22, 2009

Stay strong =)

To miaw :

I know u're very nervous and worried for the BIG ONE which is coming real soon.. This friday yea? I know the tuna is what you dream for and you're worried that you won't get it.. But no matter how much you worried for it, what will be WILL be.. You know it too.. Have faith in yourself! You know what you're good in, being extremly FABULOUS and i'm sure a good kitten who loves tuna fish won't be given ikan bilis instead!

Just be cool, have some milk and stay calm.. As one of your greatest kitty friend (cough cough) I'll pray with my paw crossed that your wish will come true.. And no matter what's the outcome, me, the one and only meow, will support you always!

To miao :

You sound kinda down eh.. Is a bad sign! I'm meowing worriedly for you.. Do you know that thinking negatively will attract negative stuff to happen around you? That's why everything seem bad.. But change your thinking! Everything will seem not as bad! Maybe the milk you accidently split is actually spoilt! Then you won't get stomachache from drinking it.. See, not as bad right? xP

Anyway, even though your kitty friend here *Cough* (proudly) Moa cannot be at your side when you need a furry pat on your back, remember I still support you fully even if i have to dirty my bushy tail to show my support! (do i have to do so??? Sobs...) Have faith! Have more milk! And stay strong! Whatever stress will soon be past tense for you!

A furry hug for my furry miao and miaw =)

And smile always! =D

Everything will be alright.. Remember, have faith, stay strong.. Will support you all always and always! God bless..

Hugs and love with a furry paw print,
Meow aka kitty


  1. Thanks....maybe it's one of God's way to save me from getting the negative things...
    thanks for enlighting me with your miao~-ing....
    thanks for the furry miao paw print...

  2. =P Childish post hor.. Hahha..