Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tagged by larry

First surgery: Almost had at the age of 8..
First piercing: Form 1

First award: Won in colouring competition in kindergarden?
First memory: Nightmares everyday! @@
First pet: Pet dog pumpkin!
First vacation: Thai when i was still in mum's tummy
First concert: A chinese singer came to my primary school but i forgot who's he
First crush: U bet =P

Last time you went out: juz now to the Miri-Eye
Last time you had a good time: Just now? Lol..
Last time you cried: Few days ago i suppose
Last award: Outstanding curriculum award
Last trip abroad: From kl to sibu last week
Last concert: Errr.... Friend's wind quintet performance
Last album you bought: Did i buy any?
Last song you played: Don't go away
Last phone call: Howard
Last laugh: Er.... I laugh all the time..?

Typing in my blog?
Drinking : Saliva
Wearing: *cough* the so-called-maTching band shirt & long pants

Food: curry

Drinks: Lemon juice
Colors: Orange
Numbers: 10


  1. Lazy lah bang.. LOL... Wait till i get more pics from my sis.. I left a lot in her phone coz i used her phone back in miri.. LOL..

  2. i noe the answer !!! first crush !! its him !! wakakakk....**** **** **** ***** ***....fill in the blanks ><