Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Keeping stuff inside yourself is terrible!

But sometimes there's no choice too.. Have to do so if especially when the person who you think can share with don't understand what you feel or don't know what to do..

Argh suffocating...

Somehow thinking is what I'm doing now wrong?

But I can't find the point that make it a wrong thing to do... Just that i'll feel a bit awkward and uneasy at times...

Gaah.. Follow your heart follow your heart.. What if your heart tells you totally different stuff at different time?

Insane @@

Maybe i'm putting my heart on something else, that's why feeling awkward even though there's nothing wrong now..

Should I keep my promise? Or since my heart changes its mind now then I should pull myself out? ><

Anyway, maybe is just that i'm thinking too much again (as usual *roll eyes*)

P.s. Elehwerh~~ Waiting waiting waiting.. For tomorrow!


  1. Hey, it doesnt matter how you make your decision, no matter your heart or your head, the important thing is that you never ever regret your decision and most important of all is that you learn from ur mistakes....that way you will grow....trust yourself and no self doubt...you can do it... ;)

  2. better choose something than nothing eh?