Thursday, July 16, 2009

I want fresh air....

Rusting rusting rusting...

Longing to go out and have some fresh air....

Too bad a whole bunch of exams are coming soon.. Then after that my hiking buddy (xP) will gonna be real busy.. Guess won't have the chance for fresh air and exercise until August lor..

Some hiking place in Cheras.. There's a waterfall up there but I din manage to get that far yet.. Sorry for the bad picture xP

Owh so it's another Hasher's spot! Gonna tell dad bout it..

My darling tree.. Hahas.. To show how much i love the environment xP

Super big ant... Like 2cm long? Imagine bitten by that.. Ouch!

Anyway that was 2 weeks ago... Now I'm back to the lazy, slacking self.. I will never exercise without a nice environment like that or a good reason.. So i guess I should never get fat or else i'll have a VERY hard time getting my weight back down again..


We had class activity during bio class today. And what we did is calculating our BMI, waist to hip ratio and our pulse rate.

To everyone who said that I'm too skinny :


More precisely, is 18.75 (above 18 is normal edi)

Don't say I'm underweight yea.. Am fit! And don't worry I won't diet too.. I can't.. Coz I get hungry too fast! T___T High metabolism rate I guess.. Haih..

Waist to hip ratio normal too.. Even thought is a lil bit high compared to some of my friends.. Maybe my waist is not that slim... Or I don't have butt... Hrmm...

Pulse rate normal, but the rate after exercise is kinda low.. Aikss.. My heart isn't pumping hard enough.. Maybe it need some motor-vation... Lolz!

In conclusion, I'm just a normal average everyday girl... Need more exercise! Now missing going out for hiking even more T-T

Gaah... Exam exam exam.... Dying larh.... ><"


  1. if ur heart doesnt pump hard enuf, tat means u still fit enough for the journey! (all thanks to marching eh)

    world class marathon runner have a really low heart rate eh. (sometimes can go as low as 50 or 60 beat per minute, when they rest la)

    so if when ur resting(sitting for instance) ur heart beat is near 100 above, better go see a doctor eh.

  2. tat looks like the mountain in miri leh..canada hill there..

  3. When i run my rate is a lil low eh.. ><

    Canada hill a.. Actually haven try out the tracks there.. hehe..

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