Monday, August 3, 2009


So lazy wanna update my blog nowadays xP

Anyway, had a very fully utilized week again..

Thursday evening we went to eat durian buffet. The durian's damn nice and we can eat as much as we like with only Rm10... Me, shu jun and jocelyn practically stuff in 8 durians as dinner... But i guess too full is not a good thing... I guess someone's not in great mood that day.. He drove in circles and damn fast, somemore he's not concentrating at all... Shu jun felt like vomiting while me and jocelyn felt dizzy... And we cant stuff in desserts as well =(

Me concentrating on eating.. Look delicious?

Me n Jocelyn~ Enjoying xP

Shu Jun and Jocelyn... We can talk with our mouth full with durian.. Pro leh??

Went out to meet with Aaron aka seng fung aka blinkz on friday evening... Had rice at the ramen shop (sound weird heh??) and walk around in Sunway pyramid.. Took some pictures as well, since he's a design student and love photography...

One of him masterpiece outside Sunway Pyramid.. I love the lighting.. =)

He also gave me a sweet little black sheep.. Initially I wanna name it as blackie but since the name is taken I decided to name it heihei instead (hei is black in chinese)... Oh well, not really a nice name, but it is a sweet little sheep =)

Heihei posing xP

Nonami came to KLPAC WE to polish up the music on Sunday... We had a real great practice with the highest attendance I'd even seen before... Enjoyed it a lot...

We also took group photos after the practice... Had some fun under the sun! (perhaps only me) and stupid pictures of me and some others playing around was taken... Damn they're all tagged on facebook! People are laughing... Grrrrr.... Now my mail box is filled with spam mails.. =="

One of the sizzling hot photo which caused my inbox to be full of spam mails... Xue Ying damn cute! xP

After the practice we had lunch together with nonami and a bunch of our fellow members... We're supposed to do our interview that time too. Thought it'll be done by 3pm, but dear old nonami who loves to tell his stories continued on and on... It was like being lectured in history period and we all almost dozed off xP

Dear old nonami! From left : Me, chaim roei, hao tian, yoke wah... The extreamly noisy bunch of people especially on facebook!

It finished by 5pm (wow wow wee!) And we're all damn tired... Felt sorry for those who stayed back for nothing... Sowie~ ><"

Some of the stay-for-nothing bunch of people : Brian and Eric..

I guess this is all for today... Gonna finish up my moral presentation slides faster and do revision for chemistry (Promised Sharanya edi >< For my own good!) and there's physic work that I should start now too... Busy busy... Huhu...

P.s. I CANT WAIT to go Johor! Wait for me yea my dar, dearest miao, sweetest nephew, naughty sun zi (grandson) and many many more friends! Missed you guys soooo much!

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