Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hate exam..

Hate exam!!!

So stressed but i can't study at all..


Missed home so much... But it's almost 3 weeks since I come back to KL and mum only phone twice.. Both times she phone me just to ask me bout rental and bank account stuff.. Total phone time less than 3 min... Do you believe that???

I know you're busy mum.. But I do miss you and home.. Can't you just spend another minute or two to talk to me?


Hateful hateful hateful... Am not doing any work at all! Terrible... How can I improve like this?

Just hope I won't score too bad for this exam ><

Emo-ing with his master... Poor lil thing ><

Just wanna speak my feelings out.. I'll be okay soon... I hope....

1 comment:

  1. cheer up girl : )
    i know you sure can do it !!
    good luck and all the best !!