Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't stop the music.

Just to share my current addiction. I just can't stop listening to this song. It's not a new song, but it's very very nice! And Gary really sings well. The song can really make my heart ache. Like a ghost hiding inside me, eating me up bit by bit. Oh no, please don't stop the music.

Song title - 寂寞先生 (Mr. Lonely)

And this is another one. An 11 years old Chinese little girl sang this song as well. You might think she's too young to actually portray the mixed emotions and loneliness of the song but guess what? You got it wrong. The way she sang it actually can make you tears fall out of heartache.


Being slacking on my work for days as the genting trip is canceled. Sou nao I'm wasting my time and do my work slowly with the extra time I got. Hahaha very bad habit indeed.

Thinking of posting make up tutorial or recipe or even book review. Realize that I'm better in reviewing books to my friends than movies. Soooooo should I?


  1. I wonder why your face abit red :P drink some herbal teh? XD

  2. nice!! do book review la, since u can read so fast...

  3. Kian fai : Because i'm drunk? LOL hell no it's just the blusher!

    Chris : Okie!

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