Saturday, March 26, 2011

The world . No longer the place I know.

I can't concentrate on my assignment now after hearing the news. Yes, I may not know her. But she's my friends' friend. She studied in the school next to ours. We grow up
in the same piece of land. We breath the same air. Isn't that enough? Condolence to her family, and rest in peace my dear. May the culprit be punished as how he should be.

The lost is terrible. A young, beautiful and bubbly girl gone just because someone wanted the pleasure? And upon refusal the only solution he came out was to take away the poor girl's life? Who are you to decide how long she should stay here? She haven seen enough of the world! She just started blossoming, like every single girl out there, wanting to learn more, to shine, and to live life fully. Most importantly, she TRUST you. It's not something 'sorry' can cure. There's no turning back. No matter to her, or to you yourself, there's no turning back. You just terminated her life journey here, and congratulation, you screwed your own life as well.

It's not only to her family and friends, but everyone around her, whether they know her or not. Our town was known to be a very peaceful, lovely town. But this incident ripples across the calm town. Why did this happen? What's wrong with the peoples nowadays? Who are we suppose to trust after this incident?

I personally have a few guy friends I will hang out with. After this incident, my friends ask me to be careful when I go out with guys. I know she's worried. I am too. But I trust my friends, and I rather believe that my instinct won't go wrong like her's did. Sigh. Just pray that things like this will not happen again.

John 14:14 says. Jesus states it pretty simply: "Ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!" 

I'll ask for peace, and no more sorrow, no more pain.


  1. She will RIP. :)
    God knows everything happen on earth..

  2. The world has changed
    You memang should be careful every time while hang out with guys even if this incident did not occur


  3. I don't know what happened, but i'm guessing...We girls have to be very very careful, not underestimate anyone. I was attacked too not to long ago, but thanks God nothing bad happened to me, but this reminds me that it could ! =S

  4. Omg stephanie! Godness! Thank god you're safe!

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