Monday, July 25, 2011

Imma back.

I think I'd made a new record of not updating my blog. And yes, I AM UPDATING IT NOW. Because I'm back in KL? Maybe!

Started to learn swimming for the sake of my health. I'd been a bit off colour since I study at Mahsa so hopefully it might help me if i don't get drown in the first place.

Our management had been really nosy. They came to check once in a while to make sure we swim with proper swimwear and swimming cap. I guess they're worried that if we cant afford a set of decent swim wear we can't afford paying for the treatment just in case we get drowned. Oh well. So for the sake of the management, I got myself a swimming cap. Guess what?

Erm, I mean it's silicon.

But another problem is now lying over my journey towards the swimming pool. 

What if I get drowned? What if I get abducted? WHAT IF A GRINDYLOW ATTACKED ME galloping gargoyles I don freaking have a wand! 

Okay for the first post after a thousand years this make me seem out of my mind. It's because I got blown off by your enthusiasm. Thanks for still visiting my blog anyway! I freakin' don't believe I still got 2000+ visitors last month with 0 updates! (or maybe's cheating me).



  1. fuiyoh amoi what forever alone, dun curse yourself :P

  2. welcome back :) and that is one very NICE picture

  3. @kian Fai : not cursing but sadly it's the truth!
    @Issac : Wheee!
    @nana : Thanks! =D
    @Tony : Only in pictures. LOL
    @jac : Whattttt? =p

  4. Welcome back! I love swimming too :)

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  6. lol, cedric will maybe help you on his way along to get Cho!! =)

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