Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Brand New Start

My 1st post... After 1 month in KL i started blogging.. Guess life's a bit empty after i left secondary school and come out to study.. It means that no more band.. No more mum take care of the daily chores.. And no more yummy-mouth-watering food from mum.. Suffering huh? Surprisingly i'm still alive! Bad news for you? Hiak hiak...

Well well.. Just finish chinese new year so as a real start i'm going to set a few targets for this year!
1st. Do my assignments in time.
2nd. Study Smart. (No study hard for me ah... If you know me well enough you'll know study hard is kinda impossible for me... Is INSANE...)
3rd. Boost up your confidence girl! (IMPORTANT! 1st step to be the brand new me leh!)
4th. Well i dono leh... Add in when i think of some more? LOL..

Oh!! Oh ya oh ya.. Attention to everyone that view my blog.. If you found that i'm not doing as i promised... GIVE ME A SHARP HIT IN THE HEAD! NO MERCY! Haha... Gotta be harder on myself coz i'm really a lazy bum + stubborn head... What to do? Haih~

Hmm.. I guess that's all for today... Gonna start moving.. GOODBYE old me and HELLO to the BRAND NEW ME... XD