Sunday, February 1, 2009

To all my true friends =)

"A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart."

After so many years i existed in this world, i realised that a true friend is indeed VERY hard to find.. But is it that hard? Sometimes a true friend is someone just beside you but you never bother to find out or you're so occupied by all your so-called-besties/gang.. But one day when you're very low will they all be with you? Stand by your side? Or just dump u aside by saying "Sorry there's nothing i can help you"? Maybe one day when you start changing in a way you think is better for yourself, will they encourage you? Or will distance themselves away from you as they say "You're not the same person as i know you before"? I guess this is the only time you'll finally realise who is really sincere and loyal to you..

Seeing friends having friendship conflict.. Having friendship conflicts myself.. I still can't say i understand the true meaning of a true friend... I'm still learning as i make mistakes.. As saying goes "
There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around." As i kept on trusting, and hurt myself timeless time in the process, i think i know who're those true friends around me at this moment.. Thanks for being there for me.. You know who you are =)

Well, another thing i have to learn right now is APPRECIATE what i have now.. And CHERISH every moment i can spend with them.. Too bad fate arranged us to be separated this moment.. And i missed you all dearly!! Never mind.. i believe that they'll be a chance for us to meet up again! And this time i'll thank every one of you for being there for me when i need you.. Don't be too surprised when i do so ah.. I know i'm not the kind of people that will say thank you much XD But hey... Is a good thing to learn too!

Quite true isn't it as you see from the magnet above?
No friends = No life to me... Hehe...
Is for a special friend.. True friend of course *wink wink*

p.s. "A true friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out."


  1. hey!! Thats true my dear friend!!!
    Never mind, God will help us through our journey to find true friendship~~~

    And I'm so proud to keep the MAGNET at the edge of my bed, remembering the evening when we talked, and had a sip of drink together...

    Arigato Guzaimas for the memories we've shared!!!

  2. Can i say something ?? i will save this answer untill the next time we meet...

    True heart fren...Cherish every moment..
    Although it might be short..but then, cherish..

  3. I WILL cherish every single moment. I'll always think of you guys. Even when things go wrong, the two of you will always be around me...


  4. Hi Christy! What you say is SO true. But then again, you are not sure whether your true friends is YOUR TRUE FRIEND. You get what I mean? A true friend is just that hard to find. ^^ Anyway, I'm PehGe. Haha

  5. Yea adnan... I'll always remember the most-not-yummy carrot milk i drank that day.. XD

    N good oh howard.. CHERISH IT... I do know wad u mean.. Hehe...

    Thanks pehge for dropping by.. I get wad u mean.. Hehe...

  6. Its okey, I'll chia you the next time we meet!!

  7. I want yummy carrot milk this time oh! Blended chocolate also can... Hehe..

  8. haha...I'll try to find you the best carrot milk and add on the blended chocolate too!! And maybe a cheese cake to add there...!!!

  9. Hahaha Sure sure.. Am waiting oh!!