Thursday, March 12, 2009

The BIG day..

After a long night of troubled sleep, i finally sit straight up from my cozy warm blanky and wait for my result anxiously.. That time was quite early in the morning but i already cant sleep any longer.. I messaged a bunch of my friends to know what time are they going to school and can they help me check my result or not.. And up by 1030, most of my friends are still just on the way to school.. Oh gosh O.o

Continue to wait then... Sit there doing nothing, i tried to calm myself down.. A lot of friends from taylors start to message me and ask bout my result but i still know nothing.. Ok then.. Wait again.. =="

Tick tock tick tock.. 1100... 1130... 1200.. Most of my friends get ther results already with me alone there waiting... I start to get my panic back.. What if I din do well for my exam? Is SPM not normal exams or test.. Then siaw yie phone me and tell me only family members can help me take result.. Oh great.. My sis's having exam so she cant help me take already.. I phone mum and she ask me to wait till my sis finish school... WHAT??!! Tears start to roll down my cheek... I have to wait for 3 hours for this damn result! And everyone's like getting pretty good result.. I cant imagine what will happen if i din get as good.. What will my mum say.. Anyway is MY MUM who'll get MY result for me... O.o

ARRGH!! Hate waiting! But i waited for another long and nerve-breaking hour alone in the room worrying and whinning and complaining.. Tried to find some comfort from friends but found out what i really lack of is confidence.. Coz i know i din prepare well enough for this result.. ><

When my phone finally rang i jumped out of my skin and nearly get heart attack.. Is my mum!! Oh please let it be okay.. And thank god it's ok! But the thing is my mum still have the mood to make me more nervous... Cool huh?
"Your math A1... Physic A1..."
"How many A i got?"
"Your chemistry A2... P.Moral A2..."
"Which subject i din get A?"
"Oh ah yen you get a C in your BM.."
"C?? BM?? SHIET!!! I GET C??"
"Yea you get a C.. And your addmath get B..."

Imagine that.. I dono my result until she finish reading my result.. And i have to ask her to repeat again.. This seems to annoy her as she was driving that time.. But is really confusing and i thought i only get 5A at 1st... Luckily end up still ok... Am quite satisfied with the A's i get.. The only thing is Bm... This stupid subject that i actually miracleously STUDIED still can get a C... It killed me twice.. 1st time is in PMR which i end up getting B for it while my family thought i can get a straight.. Duh...

But the only thing i'm really really down for is not really my BM result, but my mum din comment on my result.. not "well done", not "you've done better than i expected", not "not bad lar", and not even "why you get C for your BM?" No everything.. Even thought howard told me my mum was quite happy when she get my result, I still feel kinda sad as mum din even say 1 word bout my result.. Oh, she did.. But what she did is telling me "You only can get 1K scholarship for this result leh"... Ah k... ONLY 1K... Yea... She never knew her daughter will not be happy without her words.. Is it because i did not do well enough? I get a stupid C for my BM? Or maybe just that she don like to show her expression to me? Haih... Mum... T-T I just wanna know what you think lar...

Anyway, congratz too all those who had scored good result yea~ And for those who din get as good as you expected, you'd done ur best already right? Big huggies for you all and don be sad anymore yea? We together have to go over this right? Say bye bye to my stupid C in bm... So do you okie?

Love & Hugs to everyone!

P.s. Mum... I still hope you say something about my result lar... Hur hur...

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