Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are you going to finish strong?

What will you gonna do if you're born with no limbs?

No hand to play instrument... No hand to eat with... No hand to type with... No hand to play games like normal kids and peoples...

No legs to dance... No legs to walk... No legs to run... No legs to walk and explore the world...

When you fall down you got no limbs to help yourself up... Lying there helplessly..

What will you do? Cry because you think yourself is useless? Stay there whining about how miserable your life is? Blame everyone because you're born like this? Commit suicide because you think life is meaningless for you?

Unbearable right?

What if i tell you there's a real life example of a person like this?


Nick Vujicic was born with no limbs at all.. For once he did think his life's meaningless.. Everything means nothing to his as he cannot do most of the stuff others can..

But you know what? Now, he enjoy travel around the world, swimming, golfing and fishing.. living just like everyone of us.. Or maybe he's life is even more meaningful than ours.. Amazing huh?

He touched numerous people's life all around the world.. And he touched my heart as well.. Cried of it thought..

And most importantly, without limbs, he still can get up... Unlike most of us, when we fall in our life, after several attempts to get up, if we still cant get up, we'll give up... But he, who stands a smaller chance to get up again after fall down than us, he manage to get up everytime he falls...

Like what he had said:" I'm down here with no arms no legs.. It should be impossible for me to get up but it's not.. You see, i would tried 100 times to get up, and if i fail 100 times, IF I FAILED AND I GIVE UP do you think i'll able to get up? NO!" Everytime he failed, he try again and again, and it's not the end.. Even if you are going to finish, are you going to finish strong?

Gosh he got his points.. Why should we give up when he never did? Even if we cannot succeed, can we finish it strong, not giving it up halfway?

He loves his life... So do I... And here i'm to share this video which motivated and touched my heart... And I hope, same as me, you'll find something to learn from this video.

Yea, I love living life. I'm happy. =)

P.S. Sorry... Tried a lot of times to upload the video but connection got prob.. Next time k? Next time!


  1. ahh nick vujicic.

    he went to kch before if im not mistaken

  2. Is it? Hmm.. I don know that.. But damn touching the video gor! T-T

  3. tats y, bersyukur la anak bila ada tangan dan kaki. lol