Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Long Queue.

Hey guys! Me and Joey dear had reach Penang safely~ Very tired right now so no, I'm not going to post lots of photos here. And you have to thank god for that as IF I feel like updating my blog now, you all will suffer badly. Why of course! I got lots of food photos here that's why! xD

Oh btw, if you see a long queue like this in Penang...

 (picture source from Google)
Long queue huh? Concert? Free food? Political talks? O.O

It may be just because of the shop's name.

Yes, Nasi Kandar Beratur. Nais. We cant get things to eat if the queue is not long enough Lol Lol and it only opens from 10pm. Hmmm weirddd!


  1. LOL ! Which part of Penang is this in Christy? I don't remember seeing this cute named shop.

    My eXperiences -

  2. :D

    thats no.2 nasi kandar..

    if u after for no.1 taste in penang :D

    u must go Line Clear Nasi Kandar

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