Thursday, December 2, 2010


I don't mean to not update my blog often... I just don't have the time and my connections tends to get hay-wire at times.

BUT now I got the time, I got lots of awaiting postssss, but weird thing is, I CAN'T UPLOAD MY PHOTOS!

Can't upload as in the word "loading..." will be on the upload-photo-pop-out like FOREVER. The button "Browse" or "link from....." are all not available! Pathetic!! I did my last post at Jacqueline's house where there's better connection. Now I'm back in
hostel, I wanna blog, I CAN'T blog, and I don't feel like doing other stuff when this is left half done. Lol.

Why??? Last time when I finished my broadband quota, when I can't watch videos on youtube, I still can upload at a very slow pace (have to wait VERY LONG for the pictures to be uploaded). Now I haven finish my quota, I can watch videos, I can do almost everything EXCEPT upload my pictures.

My broadband sure is playing with me...

Please don't blame me for not updating TnT