Friday, January 13, 2017

Oceana Seafood and Dim Sum Restaurant @ Nova Saujana (Pork Free Lard Free) Review

Dim Sum is quickly becoming a popular brunch option for Malaysians. These small bite portion of food, usually served in steamer basket or fried are usually served with strong Chinese tea, and it is perfect for a slow morning gathering with the family.

As more people get to know dim sum, the pork and lard free or Halal version
of it are getting more sought after due to health or religious reasons. Most pork free/Halal dim sum restaurants are found in KL city, which is quite inconvenient for us from Petaling Jaya. So good news for us all that now we have another option here along Subang Airport Road!

Located at Nova Saujana, this restaurant is easy to spot from the highway and it is located just before the road leading to Saujana Golf Resort. When I discover this restaurant, they happened to give a 50% offer for the dim sum(This was back in October and December. Yes we went twice)! For the 2 of us, the bill comes out to be RM60+ including the tidbits and tea which are not included in the offer. That's surely cheaper than many other options and it is located literally a stone throw away from where I'm staying now!

The restaurant interior is spacious and tastefully designed and it is furnished with the standard chinese style round table (arghh why didn't I take a picture of the interior?) Their dim sum menu offers a wide range of steamed, baked and fried dim sum along with porridge, stir fry radish cake and desserts.

 Fish and prawn dim sum with crab roe
We ordered some different variety of the steamed dim sum and of course we did not miss out the all time favourite - har gao (prawn dumpling). The har gao is made to perfection, thin and smooth skin with nicely seasoned prawn paste and big chunks of prawn. Thus the picture of only one left in the steamer. The dim sum however, has great texture - chewy with a good balance of meat, but was over salted in my opinion.

Fish and shrimp ball with scallop
It's not too bad but sadly I'm not a fan of the fishy taste, will go for the dim sum instead.

I'm a huge fan of wu gok (yam dumplings with char siu sauce meat) so we can't miss trying it out here! The 1st time we went in October the char siu inside was too dry but we decided to give it another try cause how can I saw no to wu gok? And I was glad they got it right this time!

Their rendition of wu gok is different. It is served mini bird nest style with roe on top as garnish. The yam and the batter was fried to a fluffy perfection. The char siu chicken inside however, was still a little too salty for my liking but at least it is not dry as our 1st try. We didn't order the char siu steam buns this time cause the last time it wasn't great or fresh, almost taste like it was refrigerated and resteamed causing the dry texture overall.

 Wu gok and Dinasaur roll

My personal favourite is their dinasaur roll. It is their specialty rice roll here, so instead of the usual bland chee cheong fun, this one is packed with crispy fried netted rice paper, frangrantly stir-fried sengkuang(Jicama) and carrot and garnished with chicken floss. I was skeptical at it at first but when I put it in my mouth, it was an amazing explosion of texture and flavour. The silky smooth rice roll goes surprising well with the crispy and fluffy fried rice paper inside, and to balance out the flavour the filling is very well seasoned. It's is addictive even and I regretted ordering too much of other dim sum. I would love to have more of this!

Prawn rice roll
( The picture is taken from our 1st visit, thus the steamed pau at the back)

Other selection of rice roll includes the usual prawn and char siu filled ones, and also the smoked duck rice roll which I haven't got to try elsewhere. If you are a fan of smoked duck please try this, as the fatty smoky flavour gives a different twist to the plan old rice roll.

Stir Fry Radish Cake

The stir fry radish cake was also from our 1st visit there. It is not too bad but my expectation was raised by this small stall inside Jaya Grocer @ Evolve Concept Mall Ara Damansara. (*Will blog about it if I have the chance to get more photos, it's really flavourful with enough wok hei, plus it is also pork and lard free!)

We concluded our meal with a cold dessert. Their mango sago drink is delicious and the portion is large as well, enough for the 2 of us to share.

Unfortunately their 50% off is over, but just keep an eye out on HungryGoWhere website as the last time we booked our table with discounted rate there! =) And do try their dinosaur roll, it is something I'll go back for!

Food         ★★★✭☆ (Above average, 5 star for dinosaur roll, but noted fluctuation in food quality)
Service     ★★★★✭ (Speedy service and helpful staffs)
Value for Price ★★★☆☆ (Without the 50% discount it will be towards the pricey side)
Ambience ★★★★☆ (Clean and spacious. Choice of music is a bit odd though)
Special note: Pork Free Lard Free, but to be on the safe side ask the staffs if some of their dishes are prepared with chinese wine.

Their location and contact:
Oceana Seafood and Dim Sum Restaurant @ Nova Saujana
G-1-3A, Nova Saujana, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang,
Shah Alam, Selangor.
012-282 8048


  1. I never thought that Dim Sum could look so tasty :D

  2. looks like a big portion of food. but should be expensive

  3. What a coincidence that I just had halal dimsum at Nu Sentral a couple of days ago. Totally do not mind pork/lard free even though I'm Chinese.

    1. Is it Dolly Dim Sum that you went? I heard they are pretty good too!

  4. Aww I love this >> Fish and shrimp ball with scallop!! First time seeing this combination.

    1. If you like scallop you would love this!

  5. woot woot... i love halal dimsum.... and this is indeed a discovery i cannot wait to discover myself too....thanks for the recommendation

    1. Go give it a try! Im hoping that they will do the promotion again sometime soon!

  6. These dimsum look nice and delicious dear, especially their wu gok! Next time bring me go and try it out :P

    1. Im still trying to look for even yummier wu gok. When I find the perfect one only I bring you okay? Haha

  7. Love to have a dim sum outing with friends. The selection look variety too.

  8. Omg I love dimsum! & I like how vibrant the colors are for your photos, may I know what camera are you using? :D

    1. These are taken by my Samsung S7 edge phone camera but I edited the colour slightly. Overall the phone camera is pretty good! Just need minimal editing.

  9. Oh wow dim sum, my favourite too, craving for prawn dumpling now :)


  10. Wow! That looks nice. All of their foods look delicious and mouth watering. I want to try them all especially the Wu Gok. Looks very yummy. Anyway, you should also try the best dimsum in Manila. I'm pretty sure you'll love it too.

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