Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's a Sunway weekend xO

Friday I went to Sunway to do some simple shopping..

Saturday I went to Sunway AGAIN to watch MPYO concert..

Walk walk and ate late lunch with my mj da jie.. Thanks for accompany me ^^

And wear my new dress! I know I can wear casual a bit.. But I don't care! Muahaha!

The hall where the concert is held.. Music was niceeeee =D

Then monday.. I went to...... SUNWAY again.. Lolz..

This time i'm with siaw yie and seng kin... Watched people belly dancing with snakes O.o

I wore like this, trying to mix-match the clothes in my closet.. I think it's still ok right?


Tadaa!!! LALA enough??

Big hp hanger, pink bag, cap, earphone, typical LALA look! I know some of you are shrieking now *What sense of fashion is that???* *The colours my dear... The COLOURS...*

Haha! Clashing colours!!! Don't worry I won't go out shopping like this xP


Found my 1st performance in KL picturesss from Taylor symphony band's blog..

Performance was at my campus for the Kiwanis / Circle K installation night..

p.s. We only have 1 evening and 1 morning to brush up the music we play that night xD

Some short practices outside the hall..

Performing.. With ah hooi soloing... Bravo for the keat hwa 2006 national competition soloist! xD

Our group photo!
From left: Theng Hooi, Errol, the-one-and-only MOI, Ling Fei and Wen Harn


For the coming KLPAC WE concert

I'd like to present you

The clarinet family! XOXO

Even thou I have no idea how many of the clarinetists will be performing.. We're losing our brothers and sisters... But I still love you all!!! Jia you jia you!

P.s. Oh damn examsssss are coming again! Stressed up!!!


  1. oh....is me...inside one of this post's pics...hehehehe

  2. Owh~~~ Haha! shud write ur name there hor? xD

  3. no thanks...i prefer to be anonymous. :P

  4. Lolz.. Ok ok.. Let u lah.. Hahah!