Tuesday, November 16, 2010

KLpac Symphonic Band BIG & BRASSY Concert! Part II

This post supposed to be up yesterday, but dono what happened to my blogger, there's no way I could even start writing this post so it's delayed till today.

If you read my previous post, you'll know that I'd a band concert last Saturday and Sunday. So here's some pictures I'd like to share with you all. Most of the pictures are stolen from facebook. I'd took some photos using my friend's camera but since he haven pass me the photos yet (and will not be anytime soon) I might as well update you all with my stolen photos first, and IF I got the photos from my friend, I might update again. Hopefully~


Practice with the Tsun Jin choir~ Our conductor is such a good poser =P


Our black shirt technical rehearsal. 

 Spot me! Haha~ Everyone's being tensed up and tired with all the practices every night. Erm may be not everyone, but me, since I got exam on Friday in the very same week and Monday straight after the concert LOL. But I'm much luckier than many band mates, they got final exam, I got my mock exam only. HAHA!

Finally after many many months of practice, it's the concert day!


 Make up is a must of course~

 Me and ma sisters! My hair looks so plain duhh.. Not even straight! =S

Colour lenses kaki. Lol.

 Er my flutist friend claimed that these people came to see me. I doubt. Wth would they wanna find me when their own friend is the charming one with many many fans? (I assume xP Saw many girls around him lol)

Kah hao, who was supposed to perform with us but unable to do so since he was having exam. >< At least he came to support!

And as our tradition, yamcha after concert. They are toasting errr toast. Lol.

My da jie and her man. Say awwwww~

The sisters with no face. Lol.


The last day of concert came so fast! O.o 

 I do look tired don't I? Stuck a stupid jasmine flower on my head. Lol.

What girls do in changing room. Haha! Chooi Ern and leng lui Kit Yee~

Erm, school kid under detention. 

Full band~
With choir and our conductors.

Love the audience that night. Their applause and cheers really made my day =) 

Nelson, who was forced to come as I bought the ticket already. Haha! Thanks buddy~

Mama! Don ask me why, but he's our mama xD
Mama, must take more photos! xD

Another must, Nonami sensei! All 3 sisters took photos with him =3

And I broke in to the guys changing room to get this photo. LOL

Sisters ♥

Physio student must take photo together! =D Jiunn Harng~

 Clarinet gor gors~

Yes, another colour lenses kaki. Ah Phinn~ The pretty trumpeter!

My idol ♥ 
Why is he my idol? Because he can improvise jazz style music very well~ Jazz jazz~ ♥

Someone who complained I didn't take photo with him. So, I broke into the guy's changing room AGAIN. =="

And many more!


 There are many more photos, too many I can't upload them all here. Plus some photos are not with me yet. Soon soon.

We had steamboat after the concert too! Will upload the steamboat dinner photo sometimes later.

 Sigh, this concert had come to an end. Suddenly feel sorta lost. I'm too used to be with my band mates and sisters and brothers already, after that Sunday, we might not able to meet up for a long time. Some friends I had just started talking to before the concert, some had became my very good friends and guidance all these while. I start missing them already. I know there'll be another chance to perform in this band, but some of them are leaving. Who knows what will happen? Just wanna say I love ya'll! ♥ ♥ ♥ And hopefully I won't be forgotten (=n=)

Guess I'm supposed to go back to my books again. Hugs peeps!


  1. oh so you're from klpac..
    i was thinking of joining too.. haha.. but haven't taken the initiative yet :P

  2. wah....necessary to put such statement meh? =.='''
    btw, we forgot to take happy family photo....papa...mama...and sisters....LOL.

  3. Ken : JOIN!!! What instrument r u playing? =D
    Ryan : Omg!!! How come u din mention it earlier? ><

  4. Haiz... No me de... Heart sink...

  5. i didn't mention bcoz i also forgot. somemore u r so busy taking pics with others. lol.