Monday, March 24, 2014

BBQ Chicken @ The Curve and Kaffe Cafe @ TTDI

One of the most difficult time in life (lol) is when you're already super hungry, but you and your makan partner still cannot decide on where to eat! Isn't that right?

So today once again we came to this situation where we have literally no idea where or what to eat. So we just went to The Curve, parked the car and started to walk around the mall.

We came across this BBQ Chicken outlet that have quite a crowd eating in and weird enough after so many trips to The Curve, I never notice this place! So why not?

 BBQ Chicken logo, credit to their FB Page.

Restaurant interior. Looks pretty cosy eh?

The menu consist of a wide range of choices, including rice, pasta, soup, appetizers, burgers, pizza and sandwiches! Most of the customers here will stick to their most famous dishes which are the chicken sets and we also see a lot of them trying out their pasta and mushroom soup in bread. The portions look quite alright too.

Domo Kun demanding for food.

Korean Charbroiled Meal  RM17.90

Meals come with 2 sides and a salad. We both choose rice as one of our sides. The Korean charbroiled chicken is a nice slice of boneless chicken thigh. Its taste reminds me of char siu, and the chicken is perfectly cooked. Still juicy when I bite into it =D However the mash potato is literally mashed potato. Quite bland =/
It looks sort of burnt here but it's not. Sorry for the low quality photo here xD

Jerk BBQ meal   RM19.50

This chicken whole leg is also cooked to perfection. The marinade is really well done cause I can taste the spices they used for it. Its taste kind of remind me of bak gua (Chinese style jerky). Probably should bring my boyfie here to have a try! The calamari is also nicely done too! Batter is not oily, it's really crispy and the squid feels fresh too.

Wanted to order their Pane Mushroom Cream soup but it looks quite huge. Don't think our tummies want to take that after eating a set meal hrmm. Next time then!

 Oh and I'd stolen their photo from their FB page again cause this really look interesting!

The one on the right is Coco-col. It's basically a take-away meal that fits both 1-bite chicken and drinks into 1 single cup =O

They have outlets in KL Festive City Mall, One Utama, Bukit Indah, Wangsa Walk, One City, The Curve, and even in Sarawak as well! (Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, Miri and Tanjung Batu, Bintulu)

Didn't know it exist in Miri. I haven't even been to Permaisuri Imperial City Mall which is rather new, I think a few months old only? Feel sad to mention I'm from Miri now...

More info do visit there FB Page and Website yeah!


Kaffe Cafe @ TTDI

 After a satisfying meal, we wanted to look for a place for some drinks. Wanted to go Artisan Cafe but it was jam packed with people so instead we decided to give Kaffe Cafe a try since it's just around the corner.

The interior is very warm and welcoming. Feels like a good place for me to sit in whole afternoon just reading a novel =D

 I really like how they display the differences between all different types of coffee. It really helps a coffee dummy like me to decide which one I'd like to go for.

However, both of us decided to go against coffee and try some other drinks instead. It's a really hot day today you see. We need something more refreshing and cooling instead of warm and rewarding xD

 Ice Soda Mint Tea. Definitely refreshing enough! 

 Peach Yoghurt Smoothie. 

I'm craving for yoghurt so I'm so glad they have quite some yoghurt smoothies available in their cafe! 
This smoothie is super thick that it can't even fill up the small gaps in the cup when I tried to shake it lol. It's slightly difficult to drink through the straw at 1st but once it melted a bit, it's perfect. It's yoghurty enough for my liking but not too much and overwhelming for those who don't like yoghurt's sour taste. The peach flavour is nice and not too sweet, and the smoothie is super smooth! 

 Total damage of the day.

I heard their cakes are not bad too. However since I just munched a few cupcakes during Nuffnang's Birthday Bash the day before, they don't look all that attractive to me anymore. Maybe next time then! They also serve a whole day breakfast set. So those who complaint about cafes that refuse to serve then breakfast set during lunch hour can try it here instead!

Here's a very clear map I'd gotten from their FB Page

Let me know how's the other food drinks from this 2 outlets if you'd tried them earlier! =D Would be a great help so that I won't be having headache choosing from their wide range of food and drink choices!


  1. Hi there, thanks for giving us such a nice review. Do come Kaffe Cafe more often ya :)

  2. There is a newly opened BBQ Chicken Cafe at Jalan SS 6/6. They do dine-in, event reservations and food delivery.