Thursday, October 8, 2009


Skittles, bunch of rainbow coloured sweets...

Feel so random today, so took some photos of Skittles sweets =)



Skittles and their "home"




Heart for you =D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Curled my hair last night.. =)

I did it all by myself! Thanks got it didn't end up in a disaster...

Then today morning my curls became like this...

Actually still ok right? But my classmate asked me is it I didn't comb my hair today? Gosh =="

I love curls <3


Days passed.. I'm still confused by my own feeling...

Are you telling the truth? Yet you doesn't have any reason to lie..

But why I feel your're not being truthful enough?


At least I know I'm not nothing to you..

We're buddies forever right?

Huggies =')

Trying to stop thinking, but still hearts you..

Friendship in concert

Finally, after months of practices, we had our concert last weekend.

Even though i cant say i'm satisfy with my own performance, i still have no regrets joining it... Knowing so much friends and had fun together... That's something extra i gained from this concert, and indeed, 'friendship in concert', music had given us a chance to meet each other and to be together =)

Lots of pics we have taken during the 3 days concerts.. Going to upload some here xP

Playing songs.. I look like as if i'm about to cry xD

Taking picture in guys' room xP

Show your tongue!

Yam~~~~ SENG!!!

Kemmi, me, eric, xue ying and jing xuan lao shi xD

Our very cute yoke wah

Our 2 big boss, Bruce Lee (yes, his name is bruch lee, no joking) and mo moh

Yamcha after our last concert.. Can you spot nonami? haha..

Full band photo.. Spot me!

And the 4 VIPs of mine in the band!

My da ge! Gonna miss him ><

My da jie, who look more like my xiao mei... Haha..

The very 'innocent' lil bro of my da ge n da jie.. My best 3rd clar partner and buddy in the band all these while xP

And my papa! (I hope he don hit me coz i call him papa xD)

Haha.. There're still lots more pictures! But all not with me.. Grrrr.. Gonna find a way to gather them all soon!