Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bloggie new look!

Remember how my old blog look like? They always say it's dark and emo. Oh well.. I love black what! And black can make my cute orange font colour shine~ While it's easy for my to highlight my post with lots of other colours too!

Started to have the idea of renovating my blog since Jacqueline has her own blog. Damn her blog is so nice! *hate hate* =P

Then I start trying out all the photo/picture editing softwares i can lay my hands on. Paint.net, Paint, Gimp photoshop, Photoscape, Meituxiuxiu... Bla bla bla.. Yes i don't use Photoshop, cause I dono how to! And failed to use Paint.net and Gimp photoshop too. I don't have that much time to learn on9.. Sigh~

Hmm at last, I stick to the 3 softwares that I use most often : Photoscape, Meituxiuxiu and Paint. Yes PAINT, not paint.net. Paint, the 1 you always open it for your lil nephew and niece to play xD
My banner for my bloggie. Guess how it originally look like?

Soooooo different right? I spent so much time to make this thingy into the banner I want @@

Then i combined 2 picture of mine and a brick wall background together. Oh and my hand to make me look like I'm holding on my precious banner (precious of course! I know it look like an old, unwanted plank but hell I spent hours editing it!).

End result~ Still acceptable I hope? =X Am not PS/editing/designing expert so this is almost the best I can do.. Sigh.. Will try for better ones in near future!

And lastly, I just changed my background from my old, steady black to this happy orangy one. I don't feel too secure thought.. But since I promised myself NOT to have too much emo elements in my life I might as well change it to the cheery orange I love. Hmmmm. I think I need time to get used to my own blog. And I want to learn how to make my very own background! And how to change it into HTML code too! Guess that'll spend another few days. Aikss~ Till I'm free then, then I'll try to do all these stuff LOL.

I guess I need another 24hours in a day. I didn't practice my clarinet, didn't go exercise, no time to explore the world of photo editing (LOL), no time to work part time (pocket $$$), no time to learn photography, no time for my Japanese learning, NOT ENOUGH TIME TO STUDY. And the list goes on and on. I wonder where I spent my time on. Sleeping, eating, FB-ing can't really used up so much of my time can it? =O

Off to sleep now.. I promised myself to sleep by 12am but look at the time now! *slap hard on my cheek* Dayme!

Tip toe to my bed (Jojo's asleep already). Sleep tight and bye~ my dear readers =)

Monday, August 30, 2010

MM's secret! =O

Wondering how Taiwan MM look so cute and photogenic all the time? (MM, Mei mei, 美眉= Pretty and cute young girls with bright big eyes =O) Now I know!


Pupil enlargement colour contact lenses!

Yea you all must be saying "cheh~ I knew it for ages already!" Sorry but at 1st I thought "It's just a pair of contact lenses, what difference will it make?" and "Won't my eyes look fake?" Never want to try it before until now.

I bought it with JJJ. It's only RM30 include postage and since the others wanna order it too, why not give it a try? After trying it, it does make some difference thought.

Hmm eyes look bigger and more refreshed..

Close view : Not too unnatural compare to other colour.. I'm wearing brown =)

Normal colour contact lens
Pupil enlargement contact lens. Not much difference eh? It's just 1.5mm bigger LOL

More photogenic without make up @@

Know this girl? One Taiwan actress, famous MM too, Gui Gui 鬼鬼~

She's such a natural beauty. Don't wear colour contact lenses but got cute, dolly look..

Tried to fake her look so here's the result:

Erm.. Don't really look like her but hey, I'm a beginner in make up! At least I look more dolly than I really am. And the more rounded eyes (oh oh! And I got big bunny teeth too like her!) And my friend say I look sort of like a 14years old MM. Really LOL.

Tried some other look =X

Nowadays I like to tie the all up and bun my hair for camwhoring purpose. Don't really do that style and go out though because I can't do a nice bun without baby hairs loosing off here and there and laughed by some of my friends (say my bun look too messy/ look like grandma/ looks stupid/ as if tumour growing on my head =X). What to do? Here you can't look too unique. People'll stare and comment about you and hell I hate being stared at like I'm from a circus or what ==" Plus I'm studying Physiotherapy, I'm suppose to take care of my 'Professionalism' and image Rawww! Guess dolling myself up is not really applicable =S

May be I should try Korean style. More mature, less dolly make up compared to Japan and Taiwan girls.

Like her! Kim So Eun, who acts in Boys Over Flower. She's cute and pretty isn't she?

That's why I tried this dress. It's cute but mature looking as well! But didn't buy it again xD
Unless I earn some money on my own then may be I'll buy =P

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orientation & Darsh's Birthday

On the 13th (Friday), our Cohort 3 seniors organized an orientation for us Cohort 4 students, to make us know our seniors and make our new batch and old batch students in Cohort 4 mix more well.

Sooooo~ We were divided into many groups of 4 or 3, and we had station games! My group was Group G, and Chris was in the same group with me with another 2 girls from the July intake. We had to think of our group cheer but the 1st thing that came to me and Chris's mind in Gee by Girls Generation for heaven's sake xD

 End up, our cheer is kinda lame.
"Team G! G G G! Gambateh! YEAH!" Lol and all the others can hear was my high pitched shouting xP

We played at 5 different stations, all the games are fun! I got myself wet in the pass-the-water-in-the-paper-cup-to-your-teammate's-head game (damn no better name for it ==") and since we lose, our cheeks are drawn with flour. Oh yea, we were drawn with some cheap lipstick which is damn hard to wash off.. And at the last station, our senior drawn our whole face with watercolour! I want naruto but nobody draw that for me =( Look more like red-indian thou~ Hahaha..

 Some Pictures of CCJJJ!

Our background : Welcoming ceremony for the medical students. Why so unfair.. We physiotherapist also want ler.. Not that our course is easy or what.. In some ways it's harder than MBBS you know? =(


14th, It's Darsh's 21st birthday! She invited us to her birthday party and we all got a great surprise when we got there.. They had the canopy tents on! Wow.. And chef cooking mee goreng on the spot too! The whole place is purple, and Darsh look extremely pretty that day =)

Hrmm to cut the story short, we all had fun that day~ xD Let the pictures tell you the story yea!

The name necklace I choose~ Given by CCJJJ to Darsh~

Nicely wrapped right? I feel so proud of it =P

The very purple stage =)

Trying to act gangsters but.. FAILED!

Busy eating... Food was good heh? =D

Me doing the thing I do best.. EAT! (everyone stopped eating already that time but I just can't resist the temptation to finish the food on the table.... so....)

Me and ma bro Chris. Oops, my mouth is still stuffed with food so... Sorry yea! I look sort of chipmunk-ish..

The girls!

Everyone from Cohort 4 that attended the party~ With Darsh~

Of course, how can I forget this 1? Me and Darsh, who's in her 2nd outfit~ Her 1st was purple colour sari.. Super nice =)

And lastly, me in Ai Yean's scarf. I look like a non-chinese =O
Hrmm.. Bidayuh? Kayan? lol~~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feeling ORANGE!

Went on a mission escort Jojo~ She need to buy physiotherapy books at Kamar Bookstore so off we go. On the way we stop by Sungai Wang and had our lunch. And guess what? It end up to be my Happy Orange Day =)

Walked out from Sungai Wang I was like WHOA! Soooo ORANGE! To show you how orange it was, I uploaded TONS of pictures xD


It was some fun fair event by F&N. We got free drinks there. And I saw some marching percussion performance there! Was it KLDC? I just cant be sure =S

So orange and so much balloons made me excited! Since I refuse to leave we took a lot stupid pictures there.
Here you go =)

Haha! Our 1st pic there! I was "scared" by all the balloons xD
Yes, I look nerdy =P

And I discovered a nice spot to take picture! The height of the balloon is just nice so I started posing *hiak hiak*

Awwww balloons! ♥

Jojo!!!! Hold on tight!!!

She hold the balloon with such a grace! Unlike me xD

Another me xD

And then, Jojo found another nice spot to take picture! End up......

Similar pose heh? =P

Another 1 =)

This is ma favorite picture of the day. So orange! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Side post! Since I so rarely update my post.. =P

I ♥ my girls so much! They rocks. CCJJJ rocks. Eh? Should CJJJ since Chris is not included. Haha! Hmmm CJJJ so does that automatically make me the leader? Nyahaha!

Here are some pictures from the sing-k sessions =)

Joey - Jacqueline - Jocelyn - Christy *ME*

Another 1 =) But eh I look like I came from a different dimension or what la.. Stupid flash, stupid skin colour of mine. Gahhhh!

SS shot. Err I guess I better don't take picture at dark places. I look like I'm in a pub mabuk edi or what =="

That's all for today! =D

Oh and PS. I heart SUSHI ♥

Thanks Ah Han gor gor for the treat! And congrats Ah Lan coussie for graduating =D
(Last Friday! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks ma aunt for bringing me!)