Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feeling ORANGE!

Went on a mission escort Jojo~ She need to buy physiotherapy books at Kamar Bookstore so off we go. On the way we stop by Sungai Wang and had our lunch. And guess what? It end up to be my Happy Orange Day =)

Walked out from Sungai Wang I was like WHOA! Soooo ORANGE! To show you how orange it was, I uploaded TONS of pictures xD


It was some fun fair event by F&N. We got free drinks there. And I saw some marching percussion performance there! Was it KLDC? I just cant be sure =S

So orange and so much balloons made me excited! Since I refuse to leave we took a lot stupid pictures there.
Here you go =)

Haha! Our 1st pic there! I was "scared" by all the balloons xD
Yes, I look nerdy =P

And I discovered a nice spot to take picture! The height of the balloon is just nice so I started posing *hiak hiak*

Awwww balloons! ♥

Jojo!!!! Hold on tight!!!

She hold the balloon with such a grace! Unlike me xD

Another me xD

And then, Jojo found another nice spot to take picture! End up......

Similar pose heh? =P

Another 1 =)

This is ma favorite picture of the day. So orange! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Side post! Since I so rarely update my post.. =P

I ♥ my girls so much! They rocks. CCJJJ rocks. Eh? Should CJJJ since Chris is not included. Haha! Hmmm CJJJ so does that automatically make me the leader? Nyahaha!

Here are some pictures from the sing-k sessions =)

Joey - Jacqueline - Jocelyn - Christy *ME*

Another 1 =) But eh I look like I came from a different dimension or what la.. Stupid flash, stupid skin colour of mine. Gahhhh!

SS shot. Err I guess I better don't take picture at dark places. I look like I'm in a pub mabuk edi or what =="

That's all for today! =D

Oh and PS. I heart SUSHI ♥

Thanks Ah Han gor gor for the treat! And congrats Ah Lan coussie for graduating =D
(Last Friday! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks ma aunt for bringing me!)

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