Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bloggie new look!

Remember how my old blog look like? They always say it's dark and emo. Oh well.. I love black what! And black can make my cute orange font colour shine~ While it's easy for my to highlight my post with lots of other colours too!

Started to have the idea of renovating my blog since Jacqueline has her own blog. Damn her blog is so nice! *hate hate* =P

Then I start trying out all the photo/picture editing softwares i can lay my hands on. Paint.net, Paint, Gimp photoshop, Photoscape, Meituxiuxiu... Bla bla bla.. Yes i don't use Photoshop, cause I dono how to! And failed to use Paint.net and Gimp photoshop too. I don't have that much time to learn on9.. Sigh~

Hmm at last, I stick to the 3 softwares that I use most often : Photoscape, Meituxiuxiu and Paint. Yes PAINT, not paint.net. Paint, the 1 you always open it for your lil nephew and niece to play xD
My banner for my bloggie. Guess how it originally look like?

Soooooo different right? I spent so much time to make this thingy into the banner I want @@

Then i combined 2 picture of mine and a brick wall background together. Oh and my hand to make me look like I'm holding on my precious banner (precious of course! I know it look like an old, unwanted plank but hell I spent hours editing it!).

End result~ Still acceptable I hope? =X Am not PS/editing/designing expert so this is almost the best I can do.. Sigh.. Will try for better ones in near future!

And lastly, I just changed my background from my old, steady black to this happy orangy one. I don't feel too secure thought.. But since I promised myself NOT to have too much emo elements in my life I might as well change it to the cheery orange I love. Hmmmm. I think I need time to get used to my own blog. And I want to learn how to make my very own background! And how to change it into HTML code too! Guess that'll spend another few days. Aikss~ Till I'm free then, then I'll try to do all these stuff LOL.

I guess I need another 24hours in a day. I didn't practice my clarinet, didn't go exercise, no time to explore the world of photo editing (LOL), no time to work part time (pocket $$$), no time to learn photography, no time for my Japanese learning, NOT ENOUGH TIME TO STUDY. And the list goes on and on. I wonder where I spent my time on. Sleeping, eating, FB-ing can't really used up so much of my time can it? =O

Off to sleep now.. I promised myself to sleep by 12am but look at the time now! *slap hard on my cheek* Dayme!

Tip toe to my bed (Jojo's asleep already). Sleep tight and bye~ my dear readers =)

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  1. you must be spending a lot of time on that banner~~~ XD clap clap for the hard work~~