Saturday, September 4, 2010

Busy busy~

Folks! Sorry for neglecting my blog again.

As you guys might not know, I'll be performing with KLpac Orchestra and PESS band (Penang State Symphonic Band) from Penang tomorrow!

Sorry for the low quality picture. I can't find better ones (=_________=)

This is my 1st time joining orchestra's performance. Yes the 1st time! Like a proper orchestra (just we got a bit more brass than normal =P). I'm so excited! Oh and you might say "I thought you joined KLpac orchestra last year too?" Nooo Noooo! I'm a KLpac symphonic band member, not orchestra. The difference of that 2 is, symphonic band got no string instruments, orchestra got. Simple definition eh? Hahaha!

Now the intro for this concert (I know it's a bit late.. But oh well~)


By : The klpac Orchestra and Penang State Symphonic Band  
Conductor : Lee Kok Leong and Ng Huck Aik
Date: 5 September (TOMORROW!)
Time: 3pm
Venue: KLpac
Ticket: NO ticket needed, admission by min. donation of RM10 at the entrance
Thinking of where to bring your families tomorrow? Come to KLpac! In this concert we'll present you with a series of well known tunes from films! You'll surely enjoy it a lot. Thinks that orchestra only play good classical music? Try watch this concert then. You'll sway with the music, I'm very sure of that!


Okay then, hope to see you guys there tomorrow! I'm so exhausted I have to sleep NOW! Will try to take some photos (or maybe steal from some other friends) tomorrow and share it with you guys here.

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