Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Muhrai ♥

I'm going to Muhrai!

Guess you'll wonder where's that eh? Miri lah~ Muhrai is the way me and my Miri friends pronounce our sweet hometown to make it sound more pro. Lol. Sound like some foreign place ler~ =P

Going to the airport in less than an hour time. Flight at 740pm so IF I'm still so awake by the time I reach Miri, I might update about the past Music Exchange Concert!

Will be going back to Marudi tomorrow morning to attend my cousin's wedding! Hope I can get some nice pictures to blog about =)

Goodbye *Teddy bear* Twin Tower! (Picture from last year, when my hair is still wavy and cute =S)


My only family member that never talk to me in phone! See how I'll squash you stupid meow meow! Don't wanna look at the camera too pffff!


  1. remember to do massage for ur cat ya~~ =)

  2. Joey : My cat is soooo rebellious now ==" Hardly see it in the house these days..

    Shellie : Really a lot right? I was so excited over them while my friends gave me the sweat look lol. No wonder I always recieve bears as birthday presents.. Haha