Friday, June 27, 2014

Mahachai Seafood Market - Amphawa Floating Market Day Trip #1

Back to my Bangkok posts!

Before going to Bangkok, we did some research on place of interests and also accommodation and finally after long planning, we decided to stay in Lub D hostel (both of them!). You can read it here! Other than the good facilities and tourist friendly environment, they even have a travel agency counter at the hostel. This agency, Visit Beyond is perfect for backpackers as they are not the conventional companies that make you buy expensive tours and have to join many people in a trip. They do cater for smaller group, or even for just 2 person! The trips are usually lead by local Thai tour guide, and it'll be a lot of walking and using public transport for you to experience life of the locals.

Initially we were planning to go to Amphawa Floating Market by taking the mini van at Victory Monument area. However to the protesters at the area we decided to ask the counter for travelling advices. When we found out that they provide tour packages to Amphawa Floating Market which will also go to Maeklong Railway Market (not in our itinerary as I was not too sure how to go) and also Mahachai Seafood market for 1800Bath per person (inclusive of transportation fees and food), we decided to take it. 

So itinerary for our day trip!:

- Walk from Lub D Silom to Visit Beyond main branch (Map is provided)
- Walk to Saladaeng Skytrain station and go to Wongwianyai Skytrain station
- Walk walk on skybridge then some more walking
- Took the train from Wongwianyai Railway Station to Mahachai Station
- Mahachai seafood market 
- Lunch @ riverside seafood Restaurant
- Mini van to Maeklong Railway Market
- Took a Songtel* to Amphawa Floating Market
- Took a mini van back to Victory Monument

*Songtel! It literally means 'two rows' and of course, the back of the truck have 2 rows of seats!

That's quite a lot of walking but luckily our guide Apple is super friendly! On the way she also tell us some history and culture of Thailand.

Walking along the street known as 'New Road' by locals. The road was built long time ago during by one of the Thai King to make trading easier. It was the newest main road back then, so locals started calling it 'New Road' until now. The area is sort of like Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur as many foreigners resides here.

Saladaeng Skytrain Station wefie!

Wongwianyai Railway Station!

Local snack recommended by Apple. It's sweet and savoury, made from rice flour, spring onion and shredded coconut. Crispy on the outside, soft in the inside! Yum!

But do be careful, it's really hot! *tongue burning*

Drank this to cool down my burning tongue. Thai version of Vitagen! =3

Train is really old fashioned. Windows will be down so be ready for some fresh air and also dust! xD

Mahachai Seafood Market

The market sells all kind of things from meat, vegetable, fruits to clothes and other utensils. Since the market is located right beside a port, the main attraction will be fresh seafood!

Spices 'hills' are rather common in the market.

Seafood are so fresh here that the market don't even smells!

Even salted fish smell nice!


Buddhism is Thailand's main religion. The 2 main branches here are the Chinese Buddhism and Thai Buddhism. It's really easy to distinguish them from the architecture of the temple. Beside the port, there's a Chinese Buddhist temple.

What makes it different from Malaysia's Chinese temple is the Thai styled Buddha statues here. 

Apple explaining about the temple door guardians, which is also know as Guan Gong (关公)in Chinese. 

Outside the temple there is a place with a bizarre collection of deity statues from different cultures. It is commonly believed that simply abandon deity statues that protected your household is bad, so people will give them to temples if they no longer can keep the statues.

Seafood Restaurant

After walking in the market and temple, it's time to fill up our tummy! Apple brought us to the famous seafood restaurant in Mahachai. It was frequented by even the Thai royal princess, which stays something about the food quality here =D

Scenery here is great!

Best companion for a hot day!

Seafood tom yum! Seafood is very very fresh! And tom yum is very appetising as well. Will love it more if they didn't tone down the spiciness for us.

Crab meat fried rice. Light and fluffy, crab meat is extremely sweet too!

Fish cake. Crunchy shell with sweet and fresh fish makes a perfect ending to our lunch!

After lunch, it's time to hop onto a mini van to Maeklong Railway Market!
Will continue in my next post =)

For more detailed directions, do check out Joey's posts ya!


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